Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday and we couldn't resist celebrating the amazing author and stories that have inspired reading in children for decades.My sister teaches kindergarten and had reminded me that this event was coming up, but I honestly let it slip my mind until this morning when a friend dropped off her son so she could go to the school to participate in the activities with her kindergartner.So I had to work with what we had on hand...here is our version of green eggs and ham that we had … [Read more...]

Flower Bouquet

Today's craft was inspired by Filth Wizardy. I told Aubrey we were going up to Daddy's office to eat lunch with him for his birthday and she wanted to make him a present. When I asked her what she wanted to give him she said flowers, so we set to work creating a beautiful bouquet of flowers.Here is how you can make your own:1. Draw flowers, leaves and a circle on cardboard (we used cereal boxes) and cut out the shapes.2. Glue a toilet paper roll to the circle with a hot glue gun, creating … [Read more...]

Party Fit For a Princess

This past weekend we celebrated Aubrey's 3rd birthday with a Pink Princess Party. She has been talking about this party for more than six months and every time she mentioned it she made sure we knew it needed to be PINK!   I had a blast planning this party & love how it turned out, it really was a party fit for a princess. I found inspiration on the following sites, P is for Party, Celebrations at Home, Creative Hostess & Kara's Party Ideas. There are LOTS of pictures, so bare … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Princess Aubrey

Our sweet little princess is 3 today! I can't believe how much can change in a year. Our princess has grown so much both physically and emotionally, it is such a wonder to be a part of it all.Aubrey this past year you have grown over 4 inches, you wear a size 4 so that everything is long enough for your super long legs, but we have trouble with it being too big every where else.You LOVE to read books and everyone indulges (especially your Grandma's) love of books. Your favorite books to read … [Read more...]

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2 Birthday Party

Our twins celebrated their first birthday in style...Dr. Seuss style that is. We threw a Thing 1 & Thing 2 birthday bash for our sweeties and I had a blast planning for this special day.Sign for the front door   My inspiration came from Amy @ Stem Parties many months ago while I was pondering what to do for their birthday. I found several other Dr. Seuss themed parties here, here & here. Armed with lots of great ideas I set out to create a spectacular party for our … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Turning 1?

My beautiful babies, Parker & Piper celebrated their 1st birthday today! Surprisingly, I felt an array of emotions today as I watched my twins on this very special day.I can vividly remember the flood of emotions I felt when the Dr. informed me we were having twins. "This can't be happening!", "How am I going to manage twins?" "Will everything be okay?" I was so shocked to find out we were having twins (Aubrey was only 13 months old when we found out.) I couldn't fully embrace the joy and … [Read more...]