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Happy Father’s Day


Father's Day Card Aubrey made for Daddy.Our family is very lucky to have such a wonderful, hands on, patient, caring, fun and supportive Dad! I love watching our kids play with their Daddy and enjoy seeing the smiles and giggles he brings to their beautiful faces. They are truly blessed to have such a great Dad.Here are 5 of my favorite things about Justin now that he is a Dad...1. He is super patient with the kids (and me).2. He loves to give the kids their baths!3. He is playful, never … [Continue reading...]



As many of you know we LOVE to play dress up, so when I read about this idea I knew it would be perfect for our beach week. We created our very own grass skirt & flower lei to enjoy the day Aloha style.Grass Skirt(this would be great for older children. My 2 year old needed LOTS of help doing this one)1. Gather your supplies, you will need several sheets of green tissue paper & ribbon long enough to tie around your child's waist. (Note: these are the supplies for both crafts)2. Cut the … [Continue reading...]

The Way to Grill A Steak


It's summer time which means it's time to fire up the grill! We love to cook outside (even in the hot Texas weather) but burgers and grilled chicken over and over can get boring. The other day sirloin steaks were on sale so I picked up a package. Now, sirloin is not Justin's favorite steak to grill (he says they are too tough) but I found a recipe in the O Magazine that sounded good and decided to give it a try.WOW, it was super yummy! You have to make this for yourself. We made grilled … [Continue reading...]

Hand & Foot Lobster


Today's underwater creature, the lobster was inspired by Just For Fun. This morning Aubrey wanted to do our craft right after breakfast. We normally wait until the twins are down for a nap to do crafts (less chaos) but I figured this one was easy enough everyone could participate (it must have still been too early for me to think this was a good idea!)Here are the steps to create a very silly lobster.1. Gather your supplies - construction paper, red paint, paint brush, glue and eyes.2. Paint … [Continue reading...]

Treasure Hunt


Today we decided to go on a treasure hunt at the "beach" for today's activity. This is super easy and provides lots of possibilities for stimulation and learning.1. Fill a container full of sand and hide buried treasures in it (seashells, driftwood, sea animals, jewels and money.)2. Collect some containers to "dig" and sort with. We used some beach toys and a small kitchen strainer.3. Let your little one sift, dig and scoop through the sand to find the hidden treasures. Little Miss A. … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday- Beach Theme


Today there was no theme for MTM so I decided to use one that I have been thinking of for a while. With summertime in full swing here in Texas I decided we needed to do a "Beach" theme. I used to live on the coast and love the beach, unfortunately we aren't close to one here, but who says you can't bring it to you! All of our activities, including our Muffin Tin this week are centered around the Beach, so grab a beach towel, a fruity drink with an umbrella and enjoy!Our "Beach" Muffin … [Continue reading...]

What’s Hot Wednesday – Hot Tot Designs

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Boutique Pink Cheetah Minky and Chenille Burp Cloth and Baby Wipes Case SetToday's spotlight is on Kristi Kelly and her super cute online store, Hot Tot Designs. Making your tot the hottest on the block they custom make burp cloths, wipes cases & bibs to fit your style & taste! Making the ordinary extraordinary Hot Tot Designs is here to transform every day baby essentials into a fashion statement.Kristi is a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful girls, and is married to a wonderful husband. … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Numbers

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Today's MTM theme was Numbers! There are so many possibilities and cute ideas to incorporate today's theme, but since we have been out of town and have no groceries my inspiration was limited. We headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's house for lunch (they are out for the summer, YEAH!) and created our muffin tin around Aubrey's favorite...Peanut Butter.Here is what we had:1 spoon full of peanut butter2 chocolate covered pretzels3 apple slices4 Ritz crackers5 chocolate chips & 5 marshmellows6 … [Continue reading...]

It’s a Party!

Goodwill party

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a Goodwill Party, so much fun. I just had to participate. I have been haunting Goodwill stores and garage sales lately to make my beloved "Dress Up" suitcases, which I also talked about here. While these aren't necessarily "decor" for your home they make a lovely addition to any little girls playroom or room.I don't have a before picture, but just imagine an old fashioned, hard plastic suitcase that your Grandma used to travel with. Just like this...A … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Alphabet


Today's MTM theme is Letters of the Alphabet. There are unlimited possibilities with this which made it very hard for me to decide what to do. In the end I decided to go with a popular ABC's book and tie it all together with our craft and story time.We picked the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambalut. This classic book is a favorite at our house and Aubrey was excited to see that today's muffin tin was all about it. Here is our ABC's muffin tin...Front Row: A - … [Continue reading...]