30 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is a month away! Do you decorate eggs with the kids? I think it is a wonderful way to spend time with your little ones while rejoicing and celebrating this special holiday.  There are so many different Easter Egg Decorating Ideas out there, so I thought I would pull a few together that I really love. Whether your child is into characters, or glitter, there’s something for each of their personalities! I’ve also included a few that are just right for the teens and adults to join in on the fun! A lot of these designs can be used on craft eggs, not just hard boiled eggs so you can save them for the next year and add to the collection.30 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas PI

I love the idea of just dipping part of the egg in the dye and creating this kind of effect! So much fun to play around with.Neon Dip Dyed Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasNeon Dip Dyed Eggs

These speckled eggs look just like the speckled Whoppers!Speckled Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasSpeckled Eggs

Adding confetti to an egg just brings life to it! Play around with different colors.
Gold Confetti Dipped Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasGold Confetti Dipped Eggs

How sweet are these little chicks!?Chick Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasChick Easter Eggs

Who would have thought of using chalkboard paint!? I’d buy chalk markers for them!
Chalkboard Paint Eggs, Easter Eggs Decorating IdeasChalkboard Paint Eggs

These are perfect for those who love Adventure Time. Have the kids dye the eggs to match the free printable costumes!Adventure Time Printable Egg Costumes, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasAdventure Time Printable Egg Costumes

Anything glow in the dark is really cool for kids. Try these glow eggs.Glow Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasGlow Eggs

Just like the mugs you see on the internet, you can do the same thing to eggs for that cool effect!Sharpie Dot Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasSharpie Dot Eggs

These are just beautiful and show the true meaning of Easter. 
Inspirational Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasInspirational Easter Eggs

Emojis everywhere lately with those tweens and teens. They’d be thrilled to do this!
Emoji Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasEmoji Eggs

Marbelizing eggs with nail polish? These are beautiful!Nail Polish Marbelized Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasNail Polish Marbelized Eggs

I think this would be so fun to do, spraying paint on dyed eggs.Watercolor Sprayed Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasWatercolor Sprayed Eggs

If you come across unique tissue paper, Mod Podge them onto eggs!Tissue Paper Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasTissue Paper Eggs

This melted crayon technique is so unique! Think about all the different color combinations you can come up with.Melting Crayon Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasMelted Crayon Eggs

Perfect for the little Ninja Turtle fans.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Eggs

There are differentw ays to tie dye eggs. This one uses coffee filters!Tie Dye Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasTie Dye Eggs

Bam, Pow! Free printable Superhero Masks for eggs!Superhero Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasSuperhero Printables for Eggs

Choose a few words that are perfect for Spring!
Happy Painted Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasHappy Painted Easter Eggs

You can find so many different colored paint pens and they work amazing on white or dyed eggs.Gold Paint Pen Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasGold Paint Pen Eggs

Try your painting skills and make some Super Mario Brothers characters!

Super Mario Bros Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasSuperMario Bros Eggs

These confetti eggs are just beautiful! Maybe a little messy, but worth it!Confetti Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasConfetti Eggs

I can see kids of all ages loving these dinosaur eggs! If you do devilled eggs, this would be great!Dinosaur Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasDinosaur Eggs

Gold leaf looks amazing on everything, even dyed eggs.DIY Gold Leaf Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasDIY Gold Leaf Eggs

I love a great ombre look, use your favorite color dye!DIY Ombre Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasDIY Ombre Eggs

Now these are my kind of eggs, dyed and wrapped with a beautiful lace!Lace Easter Egg Tutorial, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasLace Wrapped Eggs

Mix Mod Podge and glitter and paint them on dyed eggs. The glitter even stays on!Mod Podge Glitter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasMod Podge Glitter Eggs

Let your little Minions make these! Too cute.Dyed Minion Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasMinion Eggs

Cover the bottom half of the eggs with glue and dip in glitter! So easy.Glitter Dipped Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasGlitter Dipped Eggs

Try wrapping white eggs with rubber bands and then dying them to see what kind of patterns you get. Rubber Band Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating IdeasRubber Band Dyed Eggs

Calling all Avengers to the rescue! You do need a little bit of painting skills for this.Avengers Painted Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Avengers Easter Eggs

Whatever way you decide decorate your eggs, I hope you enjoy spending time with the kids and making extraordinary memories.  Looking for more creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas and inspiration check out these popular posts:

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