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Magnetic Photo Frame

Magnetic%2bfreinds%2bframe cropped

I first saw this idea last year while visiting my family in Utah and I immediately loved it. It has taken me a while to get around to making some, but once I did it was super easy & the results were fantastic!This was a Christmas gift for our parents.I cut the board to 12x24 and used the router to spiffy up the edges. I cut three 6x6 squares from a large piece of sheet metal (ok, my hubby did it because I wasn't strong enough!) Then I cut out the saying "Count Your Blessings" on the Cricut in … [Continue reading...]

Party Fit For a Princess

Cupcake tower close up

This past weekend we celebrated Aubrey's 3rd birthday with a Pink Princess Party. She has been talking about this party for more than six months and every time she mentioned it she made sure we knew it needed to be PINK!   I had a blast planning this party & love how it turned out, it really was a party fit for a princess. I found inspiration on the following sites, P is for Party, Celebrations at Home, Creative Hostess & Kara's Party Ideas. There are LOTS of pictures, so bare … [Continue reading...]

Happy Birthday Princess Aubrey


Our sweet little princess is 3 today! I can't believe how much can change in a year. Our princess has grown so much both physically and emotionally, it is such a wonder to be a part of it all.Aubrey this past year you have grown over 4 inches, you wear a size 4 so that everything is long enough for your super long legs, but we have trouble with it being too big every where else.You LOVE to read books and everyone indulges (especially your Grandma's) love of books. Your favorite books to read … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Back to School


Today's MTM theme was back to school. Since it didn't occur to me to check the theme until noon today we didn't have anything exciting, but since it has been a while since we did a muffin tin Little Miss A was thrilled ...and we did throw in some "learning."I used our number cookie cutters and cut out 1-5 from cheese. I then had Little Miss A help count out the right number for each tin. We had 1 applesauce, 2 chicken nuggets, 3 crackers, 4 orange slices and 5 gumdrops.For dessert we had … [Continue reading...]

2009 in review


2009 was an exciting, challenging & memorable year for us. We have so much to be thankful for and have truly been blessed this past year. Some of my favorite moments this year include:* My hubby moving his office closer to home (only 5 minutes away)* Our twins turning 1 and watching their little personalities starting to blossom* Experiencing Aubrey's zest for life, her love of books & all things girly* Expanding & improving my sewing skills. My favorite project is a toss up between the … [Continue reading...]

Grocery Store


And last but not least my very favorite project (see here and here for others)...The Little Leeson's Grocery StoreI really wanted Santa to give all 3 kids something with "wow" factor, but wanted to make sure it was something we would get lots of use out of. My inspiration came from the Leaps and Bounds Grocery Store, but for several reasons I knew I would not be bringing that one home.I unlisted the help of my wonderful hubby, convinced him this was a good idea, explained my vision and put him … [Continue reading...]

Doorway Puppet Theater


Continuation from Santa's Workshop post.Doorway Puppet TheaterI got this next gift idea from HearthSong and knew immediately this would be a perfect gift for Aubrey. I am always thrilled to find toys that don't clutter up the house (ie. take up too much room or require lots of parts) and that allow her to be creative. However, I didn't like the price or the design so I decided to make my own.It really was an easy project and it came together quickly (about 2-3 hours total) and it is completely … [Continue reading...]

Santa’s Workshop – Paper Dolls


This Christmas Santa & his elves (aka Mommy & Daddy) were very busy crafting, woodworking and sewing gifts for our little ones. I knew I wanted some personalized gifts that the kids would get lots of creative play from. While searching for that perfect gift I stumbled upon several ideas and like always muttered the famous "Oh, I can make that." Luckily we finished everything in the nix of time (4 am Christmas morning to be exact) but it was all worth it. The kids love their gifts and I … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Wreath


It's 3 am and I am waiting on my printer to finish printing the 183 page document I need for work before 9 am tomorrow so I thought I might as well be productive & catch up on my blog.Here is another one of our cute Christmas crafts we have done this month. We used a paper plate, green paint, construction paper, glue, red pom poms & red ribbon to complete this project.I let Aubrey paint the plate green while I cut out the holly leaves. I had originally cut the plate first, but then realized … [Continue reading...]

Frosty the Snowman


We have been doing several Christmas crafts & this was one of our favorites. I will also always remember this craft because it has a funny story to go with it (although it was not funny at the time!)While outside collecting branches for the snowman's arms my lovely almost 3 year old decided she needed to lock the front door. Needless to say I spent the next 10 minutes outside in the cold trying to coach her how to unlock it, yelling at her do "unlock the door, NOW!" and wondering what on earth … [Continue reading...]