Valentine’s Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!We celebrated early with our friends and had a cookie decorating party.  The kids had fun and left on a sugar high! (Arent' they adorable!  I had to hijack this picture from my friend Jenny's blog since mine didn't turn out.)I made lots of yummy treats to share with teachers, friends and family.  Our church had a Valentine's event and a dessert contest, I won 3rd place with my super yummy cake balls! I made sure and told my true love how wonderful he is.  We even stole away … [Read more...]

Colorful Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  We have a jam packed day full of fun.  I am super excited about Aubrey's first Valentine party at school and can't help but smile about how giddy she is about exchanging Valentine's cards with her friends.I have seen TONS of great ideas for handmade Valentine's and simply couldn't decide what we were going to do, until I saw these cute cards from The Long Thread.  Perfect, Simple and not an overload of candy (which I am sure we will get plenty of today!)I bought the heart … [Read more...]

You Melt My Heart

 Do you remember wax paper creations?  I remember making these as a kid and have seen them in lots of variations recently, but was inspired to make a Valentine's version after seeing this post on The Crafty Crow.Warning, this is a fairly messy craft (especially with little one).  We made ours last night before dinner while daddy was home and he could help!First we rounded up all of our misfit crayons in shades of red, pink and purple. Then we peeled off the paper, which was a great task for the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Gingerbread House

February means sweet treats, hearts galore and lots and lots of pink and red.  You wouldn't think of gingerbread in February, would you?  Well that's exactly what I am doing today.My mom gave me these beautiful gingerbread houses for our Gingerbread House Decorating Party, but amidst all the activity with the kids I didn't have a chance to decorate them.  I thought I would find the time, but Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye and there they sat.  I hated to throw them away so I just … [Read more...]

Be My Valentine

We have been trying to squeeze in craft time, which has become rather sparse lately due to busy schedules, lack of planning and 3 kids running around like crazy. I recently made the decision to put the twins down 30 minutes earlier and give Aubrey the opportunity to spend some time with me doing craft projects (this is huge for me since I cherish my time during nap time!).Here are a few of the recent Valentine's projects we have done:Valentine's Musical ShakerVisit No Time for Flashcards for … [Read more...]