School Morning Routine Checklist With Free Printable

When it comes to getting kids out the door on school days, it can seem like a total struggle, even for The Organized Mama!  My kiddos are not morning people, so to keep us on track I pulled some of my favorite tricks from my teacher days.

I try to prep the night before when it comes to outfits. I have fruit and veggies cut up to use when we pack our lunches in the morning. And we try to pack our backpacks with everything before we go to bed. I have also used a school morning routine checklist that visually shows the kiddos what they have to do before they can jump in the car for school drop-off.

This school morning routine checklist can be used at any age to help facilitate independence (and you from repeating yourself) every morning!


What You Will Need:

school morning routine checklist

Start by printing off the FREE PRINTABLES of the morning routine checklist and graphics.

Cut out each of the graphics.

You can have each kiddo decorate their school morning routine checklist with markers.

Once they finished decorating, mount the printable on cardstock.

Laminate the checklist and individual graphics. I used my Xyron Creative Station with the laminate refill. By laminating each square graphic individually, you will ensure the laminate will stick and last the entire school year.

school morning routine checklist

Cut out the square graphics.

Add velcro dots to the backs of each square graphic you plan to use. I found these at The Dollar Tree!

Then add velcro to the school morning routine checklist. Make sure to use the opposite velcro strip on the checklist than what you used on the graphics!!

school morning routine checklist

Finally, show the kiddos how the checklist works. For us, each morning their checklist is on a clipboard already filled with each square graphic. Once the task is completed, they can take off the graphic. I added velcro to the back of the clipboard to use as a holder for tasks completed. I have also stapled a baggie to the bottom of the checklist to collect finished tasks as well!

school morning routine checklist

Once all the tasks are completed, it is time to go to school!

I love how easy the school morning routine checklist is to use and how functional it is for the kiddos!

school morning routine checklist

For more back-to-school organizing ideas, head over to The Organized Mama!


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  1. This is so great! I just finished a chore list that happens to mimic your easy routine. So happy this will support my girls independence. Thank you!
    Where do you keep your boards (kitchen, bedrooms, by backpacks, etc)? I want to make sure I have a good spot for my girls to pick up the boards from to get started:)

    • Thanks Joanna, so glad you found this post helpful. Each of the kids has their boards hanging above their backpack station in our entry. I found that this was the easiest place to make sure that they had everything done before we headed out the door to school.

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