DIY Spring Pipe Cleaner Rings

Hello there! Cathy from Party HarDIY here again with another fun DIY! Lucky for us, groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so an early spring is imminent! Either way, spring is coming and so is Easter. For a fun craft with the kids, how about making some DIY Spring Pipe Cleaner Rings. All you need is some basic supplies to create them!

Spring Pipe Cleaner Rings

Supplies you will need:

Pipe cleaners
Felt flowers
Pom poms
Glitter paper
Glue gun

DIY Bunny Ear Spring Rings

Bunny-Ears Directions:

Using a fluffy pipe cleaner, fold into a zigzag shape to create your ears.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Ring Step 1

Wrap the excess around the bottom of the ears to secure them and leave the rest loose.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Ring Step 2

Using a second pipe cleaner of the same color, create a ring. Wrap the excess from the ears back and forth to secure. You can add glue if necessary to keep it secure, but I didn’t need it.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Ring Step 3

Add the pom pom to the back using your glue gun.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Ring Step 4

Flower Directions:

Wrap a green pipe cleaner around your finger and wrap the end to close it. Flatten the top.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Step 1

Add a drop of glue and place your felt flower on top.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Step 2

Chick Directions:

Shape your pipe cleaner into a ring and flatten the top. Pile on two pom poms, adding glue in between.

Spring Piper Cleaner Chick Ring

Now its time to make the feet and beak! The easiest way is to use a small star punch and cut the bottom off for the feet, and the top for a beak. 

Pipe cleaner rings 8

Glue them on with a tiny bit of hot glue.

DIY Chick Pipe Cleaner Ring

And that’s all there is to it! These rings would also be great alternatives to candy for your Easter egg hunt. Just pop them inside your plastic eggs and give ’em to the kiddos. Since they’re custom made, they’ll fit everyone in the family. Plus they can pick their own colors as well! 

DIY Pipe Cleaner Spring Ring

DIY Fun Spring Pipe Cleaner Rings

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  1. Such a simple craft but so adorable! I’m going to try this one with my preschooler. I’ve never seen fluffy pipe cleaners in Australia, but I’m going to be on I’ve lookout now!

  2. These are just adorable. I love the variety of ideas and they looks so cute all together! My daughter is going to love these DIY rings!

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