Tips for Drinking More Water

How many times have you read or been told to drink more water throughout the day? It’s one of those things we all know we are supposed to do, but surprisingly something as simple as drinking water is a task most people struggle with, including myself. I am constantly trying to make sure I get my daily water intake in, but let’s face, most days I need a lot of motivation! I have partnered with Brita® to share an easy DIY project and my tips for drinking more water.

DIY Motivational Water Bottle & Water Pitcher_GG

Our bodies are made up of over 70% of water. Staying hydrated is important to keep everything functioning properly and it should be a top priority for all of us. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me you tend to forget about drinking water throughout the day. A few years ago I made a DIY Motivational Water Bottle to help keep me on track, and it worked great. That is until I lost it and started buying plastic water bottles. On a recent trip to my local grocery store, Albertsons, I was on my way to pick up more water bottles and spotted the Brita Water Filtration system. I picked one up and decided to get back on track, but this time I decided I needed more than just a water bottle to keep me on track.

Motivational Brita Water Filter

I decided that if every time I opened up my fridge and saw a sassy and fun pitcher full of water staring back at me it would be a little bit easier to get those glasses of water down.  You don’t need much to make this super simple DIY project and start making changes for the better.


  • Brita Water Pitcher
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Cricut Machine

I used my Cricut machine to design a fun label that would add a splash of my personality and help keep me motivated.

Drink Up Buttercup Vinyl Design

Once I had the vinyl cut I layered the colors and used the transfer tape to add it to the front of my Brita pitcher.

Drink Up Buttercup Vinyl

That’s really all there is too it, all you have left to do is fill it up. And just by drinking filtered water from my new motivational water pitcher I’ll be helping to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills and oceans.  Did you know that 1 Brita filter used = 300 plastic bottles saved?

Motivational Water Bottle and Pitcher

Brita Water Filter

I made a new motivational water bottle to go with my fun new water pitcher and plan to get back on track and make drinking water a daily priority.  Here are a few of my favorite tips for drinking more water:

  • Set a specific goal for each day and stick too it. If you have trouble drinking water throughout the day start small and add a glass each week, until you are eventually drinking the required glasses of water you need each day.
  • Use a water bottle that will motivate you and always keep it nearby.
  • Add your own flavor! Use fruit and herbs to infuse your drink and turn boring water into an extraordinary drink that you will keep reaching for throughout the day.
  • Get a filter you’ll actually use, pick your favorite Brita pitcher and personalize it with vinyl quotes that we help keep you motivated and on track.
  • Use an app on your phone to track your progress and analyze your consumption.

Drink Up Buttercup Britta Water Pitcher

Whether it’s a change to improve your personal health and wellness, or a pact to lessen your impact on the environment, the change for cleaner, healthier water will improve how you spend your summer. Follow us on Instagram and use the #FuelWithBrita hashtag to see how others are turning ordinary water into an extraordinary experience with Brita water pitchers. And make sure you enter the giveaway for your chance to win one!

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“This was sponsored  by Brita but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.”

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  1. I really like this idea, you are so creative! Something that my sister does is keep a water container with exactly how much water she needs for one day. Then, throughout the day she will make sure that she drinks it all. For me, I like to just make sure that I always have a water bottle with me. It is super important to stay hydrated, so I appreciate all of your creative tips and applicable information!

  2. WELL said.

    Cleanliness and being healthy are the top priority of my family. I have been persuaded in using water filter through this! It is beneficial for my whole family. Thanks a lot


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