20 Fun Summer BBQ Food & Drink Stations

It is summer now, and there should be quite a bit of entertaining going on. A lot of the time, you eat with your eyes first- especially if there’s a food or drink bar. These 20 Fun Summer BBQ Food and Drink Stations allow your guests to pick and choose what they want. It is so easy to just set up a table and make all your food and beverages LOOK good. 20 FUN SUMMER BBQ FOOD & DRINK STATIONS Summer entertaining is all about spending time with your friends and family- and a Hot Dog Bar is … [Read more...]

Popsicle Kit

It is hot, hot, HOT out there today so I thought I would share a COOL idea I originally shared as a guest over at Made From Pinterest.  I made these fun Popsicle Kit to give to our friends and neighbors as a "Welcome to Summer" gift.  Now that summer is officially underway and the temperatures are starting to soar let's turn an ordinary summer into an extraordinary one with a creative Popsicle Kit your friends will love! Beat the heat this summer with a bucket full of popsicle supplies and … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Popsicle Sticks

There is something so nostalgic and refreshing about popsicles, don't you think?  Homemade popsicles are the best and even sweeter when displayed on these cute Washi Tape Popsicle Sticks. To celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer we are having a Popsicle and Pool party.  I've been working on a few DIY projects, like our popsicle invitations and of course homemade popsicles.  I thought they would be more fun if the sticks were wrapped in colorful washi tape that matched … [Read more...]