DIY Serving Tray

Hi! Today I asked my Facebook fans what they were hoping to get for Mother's Day and the majority of responses involved sleep or not cooking, imagine that!  Which makes this project the perfect idea for Mother's Day!  I originally shared this DIY serving tray on Poppy Seed Projects, but in case you missed it over there I'm sharing all the details for this fun project with you today. This modern serving tray is an easy DIY project that will make a big impact and would be the perfect way to … [Read more...]

Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs

As a child I loved getting the delicate panoramic sugar Easter eggs that my mother lovingly took the time to handcraft in my Easter basket.  I've always wanted to carry on that tradition for my kids, but I my previous attempts to make them were unsuccessful, to say the least.  So, when I saw this idea for Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs on the Imperial Sugar Kid's Kitchen site I thought it would be  a great replacement for those fancy sugar eggs, and a lot more fun for the kids too! My kids … [Read more...]

Incredible Kid Day Plates

Curious, sweet, wild, sassy, caring, sensitive, compassionate  independent,  easy any of these words describe the special people in your life?  What special people am I talking about?  Children, of course.  Chance are if you have children you think they are pretty amazing, am I right?  But when is the last time you told them that? If you are anything like me you know your kids are amazing, incredible, special little people but in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives I forget to … [Read more...]

Incredible Kid Day Celebration

You know those obscure fun little holidays that always pop up, National Pancake Day, National Pig Day, National Goof Off Day...well when I stumbled on Incredible Kid Day I knew that "holiday" was definitely one we would be celebrating!  Incredible Kid Day is celebrated the third Thursday in March and originated as a letter writing campaign designed to boost self esteem in children.  Parents are encouraged to write letters and include words of encouragement, support, and tell their children why … [Read more...]

Wild Safari Party

We're getting WILD with a special birthday Safari Adventure! My sister asked me to help her with my nephew's second birthday and wanted to pick a theme that reflected something he loved, animals.  We decided on a Safari party but she requested that the animals not be too cartoonish.  Jen from Passion for Parties had the perfect invitation for our party vision and she created additional party printables to match. This party was literally (I really am not kidding) thrown together in a … [Read more...]

Giggles Galore 2012 Year in Review

Wow, 2012 flew by and I am excited to take a look back and see where this little "hobby" of mine has come.  It certainly was an adventure to see so much growth and success throughout the year and I thought I'd recap some of my favorite highlights month by month. January Peacock Princess Party February Valentine's Kissing Booth Party March Spring Fling Party April Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt Party May Barnyard Buddies Brunch June Just BEE-Cause Tea … [Read more...]

Personalized Memo Board

This project originally appeared on Poppy Seed Projects.   I love the Eleanor Frame and wanted to find a way to use it in my daughter's new 'big girl' room.  I finally decided my daughter need a pretty place to keep her special treasures, pictures and mementos and I knew I wanted to turn the frame into a memo board, but I also wanted to jazz it up a bit.  To personalize it I asked family members to send me 5 adjectives that they thought best described my daughter.  I LOVE how it turned … [Read more...]

Back to School Apple Candy Treats

I can't believe it's time to start thinking about school.  It's especially exciting for me this year because my oldest will be starting kindergarten! I couldn't let this major milestone pass without a celebration so I planned a Back to School party (details coming soon!) While shopping for supplies I came across these cute little containers at Staples and knew they would make the perfect candy apple treats for our friends. Let's start with your supplies.  You'll need: - Lock-Ups … [Read more...]

Treat Cones & Stand

Treat cones are an easy way to serve food to little kids at parties.  And with a few supplies you can create a stunning display for the treat cones at your next party. First, you will need a block of foam.  I buy mine at the dollar store and keep them wrapped in the plastic to eliminate the mess while working with it. Next, wrap it in coordinating paper, like a present.  I used plain white craft paper. Wrap ribbon around the foam and secure with small straight pins. Now, … [Read more...]

Paint Chip Silverware Holders

This idea is certainly not my original idea, and unfortunately I can't remember where I first saw.  On a recent trip to Lowe's with my hubby I walked by the paint isle and inspiration hit.  I was working on a Monster Bash and wanted to find a way to incorporate and use some of the printable images I had. I grabbed a bunch of paint chip samples in my color scheme Next, I got out my sewing machine and stitched up the edges leaving an opening at the top. After they were all put together I … [Read more...]