Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs

As a child I loved getting the delicate panoramic sugar Easter eggs that my mother lovingly took the time to handcraft in my Easter basket.  I’ve always wanted to carry on that tradition for my kids, but I my previous attempts to make them were unsuccessful, to say the least.  So, when I saw this idea for Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs on the Imperial Sugar Kid’s Kitchen site I thought it would be  a great replacement for those fancy sugar eggs, and a lot more fun for the kids too!

Sugar decorated easter egg sugar eggs1

Sugar easter decorated eggs

My kids wanted colorful eggs so we dyed our eggs first.  After dying them you will need to let them dry completely and this project works best if they are at room temperature.

Sugar decorated easter eggs easter egg dying

I used the recipe from Imperial Sugar to make royal icing and gave each kid their own container of icing and a new paint brush.

Sugar decorated easter egg royal icing

With the paint brush the kids painted their eggs with the icing and then sprinkled colored sugar all over them.  They also did a fair amount of “taste testing” to make sure the icing was just right!

Sugar decorated easter eggs sugar sprinkles

Sugar decorated easter eggs painting

Things got a little messy and they may have eaten more sugar than they decorated with, but we all had a blast making pretty sugar decorated Easter eggs.  And it was definitely fun to try something new!

Sugar decorated easter eggs tasting sugar

Sugar decorated easter eggs decorated eggs

Sugar decorated easter egg sugar eggs

You can find the recipe and directions to make your own Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs on the Imperial Sugar Kid’s Kitchen website.  There are lots of other fun ideas for making easy Easter treats or craft projects using sugar as well.

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  1. Those are so cute! Can’t wait to try that with our eggs this year!

  2. What a creative new way to decorate Easter eggs. I’m sure kids would have a blast using icing to decorate their eggs. Can’t wait to have John try this out!

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