Squeeze the Most Out of Mornings with Jimmy Dean Delights

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As a mom we know how important starting the day with a healthy breakfast is, but if you are anything like me it’s one of the most challenging meals to squeeze in.  Every morning I hit the ground running, usually with a long to-do list, and rarely slow down until well after the sun has gone down.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  Thankfully, after discovering Jimmy Dean Delights I’m able to squeeze the most out of my mornings with a healthy and quick breakfast solution.

Jimmy Dean Delights Sausage Flatbread

I’m not a green smoothie fan (gasp!) and I’ve tried the whole juicing thing and it just isn’t for me, but one thing I’ve learned is I need a satisfying breakfast that can keep me going throughout the day.  And it has to be something I can eat while I’m scrambling to get everyone out the door for school in the morning. The new Jimmy Dean Delights are an ideal breakfast option for busy moms like me who are looking for healthier choices.

Jimmy Dean Delights and Fresh Squeezed OJ

I recently tried the Jimmy Dean Delights Sausage, Egg and Cheese Honey Wheat Flatbread and thought it was full of flavor for only 250 calories. Plus the convenience factor scored major points in my book, it only takes a few minutes to warm up and it’s easy to hold while juggling other tasks.  I even managed to sit down for breakfast and tackle my to-do list all at the same time!

Tackling To-Do List with Jimmy Dean Delihts

Let’s face it when you do remember to eat it’s usually on the go, in between errands, work and your never ending “to-do” list.  Let’s stop the madness and join together to treat ourselves to a healthy on-the-go breakfast with Jimmy Dean Delights.

Delicious Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast

A Blissful Nest Notepad

Monogramed Notepad via A Blissful Nest

Just think, now that you’ve found a quick, healthy and delicious option with Jimmy Dean Delights the only thing you’ll have to squeeze is a glass of fresh orange juice to go with your breakfast!

JDD Breakfast Sandwiches

Visit your local Walmart to find this and eight other low calorie Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches.  Also, make sure you check out their Pinterest board for lots of easy breakfast ideas and inspiration.  What’s your go-to breakfast solution?

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  1. These look tasty! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I agree :/ green smoothies take time to make, not to mention the clean-up. I hate cleaning a blender, lol. But I LOVE me some Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches! Great post – I need to stock up!

  3. These look good! Definitely healthier than cereal and the rest of the Jimmy Dean breakfast goods. Stopping by from SITS comment love.

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