Simple Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day weekend is our final chance to savor the last bits of Summer fun! Summer’s last hoorah, if you will. Today, I’m sharing easy ways to make the most of your relaxing Labor Day gathering with these simple Labor Day Party Ideas.

Simple decor, and festive colors will help keep your party set up simple and stress free.

I recently found a vintage ironing board, and gave it a quick, festive update. I added stars & stripes, and knew it would work perfectly as a food table. When planning my menu for any get-together, I often go for easy, self-serve options. When doing so, I find that I have more time to mingle with my guests.
For your Labor Day menu this year, create an easy-peasy hot dog bar! I’ll be serving delicious street-style hot dogs. Have hot dogs pre-cooked, and give your guests topping options that they’ll love! I premade tasty dogs, and wrapped them in mouthwatering bacon. They’re ready for your guests to cover in delicious guacamole, and top with fresh pico-de-gallo. You can even add grilled peppers, or sauteed onions. Are you getting hungry yet?!
Serve a refreshing beverage that’s not only festive, but also fresh & fruity. I took ripe strawberries, sliced them up, and added them to a premade fruit punch. It added sweetness, and the taste of fresh berries. You can even add some bubble for a simple spritzer!
My hubby loves to use the grill, whenever he gets the chance. This year, we’re trying something different – we’re grilling our corn on the cob. I hear it is delicious! A few turns on a hot grill, and they’re ready to dress up with mayo, parmesan cheese, sea salt, you name it! The possibilities are endless, and oh-so-delish.
Want to quickly serve up some greens? Pre-make a simple green salad, and have them set out on a tray, in ready-to-eat jars. I attached small bamboo forks, and had a variety of dressings available. Super simple, and nearly “labor” free.
Looking for a couple dessert options that are simple? Try serving up snack cups with ice cream sandwiches inside. Add a stick for easy, messy-free handling! Be sure to grab them quickly, before they melt!

Apple pie is an all time favorite over here. Especially during BBQ season. Change it up a bit, and serve individual apple pies. They’ll look cute served on a cake stand. Here, I added miniature sparkler candles, for a little festive touch!

However you celebrate during your Labor Day Gathering, be sure to keep it as “labor” free as possible. Wishing all of you a safe & happy Labor Day!

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