Retro Charm Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day will be here soon and today we wanted to share our Retro Charm Valentine Printable with you…just in case you’re like me and you’ve procrastinated getting those valentine’s ready.

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Nothing makes you feel older than seeing things you loved as a child become popular with your own children.  Most of the time I have to laugh when I see things from the 80’s make a comeback, like legwarmers…um hello is this really a trend we need to repeat?!?  But, when I spotted the retro Flash Charms at Michaels I was ecstatic.  I was even more ecstatic when my girls discovered them and wanted to start collecting them too.

Flash Charms

It’s so much fun to try and find new ones and it definitely brings back a flood of nostalgia when I see them.  Heck, I remember having the record and a few other funky favorites.

Retro Flash Charms

My girls decided that they wanted to give their friends charms for Valentine’s Day so I created a colorful and free printable for our valentines. Download, print and cut your valentine cards.

Valentine You're Charming Printable

Click Here to Download

Next, simply punch a hole in the corner and use twine to tie the charm to the printable card.  We decided to use a small, removable glue dot to help keep the charm centered on the card.

Making Charm Valentine

Hand out your super funky, retro charm valentine cards to all your charm loving friends.  The girls are so excited about handing these out in a few days and can’t wait to see what charms they can swap with friends in the future.

Retro Charming Valentine Printable

Valentine You're So Charming Printable

Do you remember these flash charms from your childhood?  Did you have a favorite one?



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