Rainbow & Pot of Gold Muffin Tin

We decided to go with a St. Patrick’s Day themed muffin tin today and had a Rainbow & Pot of Gold muffin tin breakfast.  Our rainbow consisted of lots of colorful fruit and I (attempted) to make pot of gold pancakes.  Here is what we had in our tins:

Red- strawberries
Orange- oranges
Yellow- banannas
Green – apples
Blue- blueberries
Purple- grapes
Pot of Gold pancake at the end (I know it’s a stretch!)

I made some mini pancakes and arranged them on the pot for the Pot of Gold pancakes, this was my best attempt.

The kids thought this breakfast was fun and wanted to know where the Leprchaun was.  Maybe he will pay a visit on St. Patrick’s Day.  I would love ideas for something fun to do.  Do you do anything fun with the kids/meals for St. Patrick’s?

I’m also doing my first giveaway, go here to see what you can win!

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  1. I love all the fruit in your lunch!

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. Yes it does look like a pot of gold and so much fun for your kids! I love how they were wondering where the leprechaun was! I too am still trying to decide what to do for St. Patrick's Day but I would say with your festive tin, your already ahead of the game!

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