Printable Winter Bingo

Printable Winter Bingo - Kids Activity

Hi Giggles Galore readers!  It’s Tami here from Sincerely Jean.  Today I am bringing you a fun kids winter activity.  Bingo is a great way to pass the time while kids are inside on cold winter days. This bingo board allows each child to make their own board and decide where they want each piece to go! They will have so much fun creating their own boards and then playing as many times as they want!

Here are the supplies that you will need:


Card Stock

Glue Stick

Bingo markers: Cheerios, Marshmallows, M&Ms, Skittles, chocolate chips, etc

Printable Winter Bingo - Kids Activity


1. Print out ‘Winter Bingo Cards’ PDF for as many players as needed.

2. Print out ‘Winter Bingo Cut Out Pieces’ PDF for as many players as needed.

3. Have the kids cut out all of the Bingo pieces from the ‘Winter Bingo Cut Out Pieces’ PDF.

4. Have them glue the pieces to the blank bingo card (Winter Bingo Cards PDF) in whatever order they would like. (This way everyone’s board will be different). There will already be a ‘FREE’ space on the blank bingo card. Do not have them glue anything on the ‘FREE’ space.

5. Print one more copy of ‘Winter Bingo Cut Out Pieces’ PDF. Cut up the pieces and put them in a bowl. Use these as the calling pieces.

6. Start the game by choosing one of the pieces from the bowl. Show the picture to everyone and have them put their mark (cheerios, chocolate chips, etc) on their board. Everyone gets to put a mark on the free space before the game begins.

7. The first person to get 5 marks in a row, calls out “Bingo” and they win that game. The 5 marks can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Printable Winter Bingo - Kids Activity

Play as many times as you want! Another idea would be to laminate the blank bingo cards and the game pieces and then use velcro or magnets to apply the game pieces. This way, you can save this game and use it time and time again.  Click on the links below to download everything you will need for Winter Bingo

Winter Bingo Cut Out Pieces PDF

Winter Bingo Cards PDF

Example Board PDF

I hope that you have such a fun time playing Bingo with your kids and I am sure that the kids will love it!

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