Play Like a Girl T-shirt with Cricut SportFlex Iron On

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Growing up as a kid I was always into sports, and I have lots of fond memories of my time playing games and  being a part of a team.  Now that I have kids of my own I love seeing their passion for sports, and I especially love seeing my girls embrace sports as an extra ciricular activity.  My daughter Piper is especially passionate about all things sports, which is why I designed this I Play Like a Girl T-shirt with the new Cricut SportFlex Ion On for her.

My daughter lives for all things sports and loves to play everything from soccer to basketball. For the past two years she has been playing on an all boys basketball team with her twin brother. She is a force of nature and defintely has no problem holding her own in this all boys league, but recently she started to realize that something was different.  One day after practice she came home and was upset.  When I asked what was wrong she finally admitted that the boys were picking on her at practice and telling her she plays like a girl. She may be a girl on an all boys team, but she is defintely holding her own and out scoring most of her team members and opponents.  I don’t ever want for her to doubt for one second her ability, strenghth or heart so I decided to create her a t-shirt that reminds her what an awesome athlete she is.  


I am in love with the new Cricut SportFlex Iron On™, it is designed specifically for tech fabrics like nylon and polysester.  It is thinner, lightweight, and it stretches!  I’ve been using Iron On vinyl for years, but trust me when I say this stuff is amazing!  I spent time pulling and stretching the shirt with it’s new design and I can confidently tell you it does exactly what it says it will and bounces rght back, holding and keeping it’s shape.

If you have a daughter that is passionate about sports and has a love for the game this is the perfect project for you.  It is my job to always inspire my daughter and to encourage her to embrace her skills, passion and gender by reminding her that she can do anything her sets her mind to.  This “I Play Like a Girl, Try to Keep Up” t-shirt is the perfect daily reminder that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

What You Will Need:

Step 1:

Open the I Play Like a Girl project file in design space and resize according to your t-shirt size.  Click on the Make it button to create your project.

Step 2: 

Select the SportFlex Iron On™ from the material list in Design Space.  Don’t forget to mirror your image before you proceede. 

Step 3: 

Once the design has been cut out , use your weeding tool to weed the image.

Step 4: 

Once you have weeded the vinyl image turn it over and use a ruler to evenly space the design on your t-shirt.

Step 5: 

Place the EasyPress Mat inside the t-shirt.  Side note, I recently just got this mat for the EasyPress and I am really digging this new product.  It’s completely heat proof and just the right size for the EasyPress.

Step 6: 

Set the temperature for your EasyPress to 305 F for 30 seconds.  Place the EasyPress on the front of the shirt and firmly hold in place on the design for 30 seconds.  Once you have done that, flip the shirt over and heat for 15 seconds.

Step 7: 

Peel off the plastic carrier sheet while the product is still warm.  Cricut recommends a WARM PEEL for the SportFlex Iron On™.

Step 8: 

Step back and admire your beautiful, and professionally quality t-shirt design! 

My daughter lives in athletic clothes, and I love that I can now create custom shirts for her with a powerful and positive message.  I am so excited about using the new SportFlex Iron On™ to create one-0f-a-kind designs for my little athlete.  

What are you excited about creating with the new SportFlex Iron On™?  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



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