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Day of Discovery


Today was all about "discovery." Aubrey had the pleasure of going on a date with mommy and we both enjoyed spending some quality time together. Aubrey's friend Mason and his mommy joined us as we headed off to the Dallas Children's Museum. With the goal of serving the unique needs of children from infancy to seven years old, MNS has created a space to stimulate a child’s curiosity through a variety of hands-on, sensory experiences that foster a thirst for discovery and knowledge.Aubrey loved … [Continue reading...]

Premier of the Princess and the Peas


I've done it, I have finally started a blog. Everyone I know has one (including my mom) and I decided it would be a great tool for me to show off my precious crew and showcase all the fun and creative things that inspire lots of giggles in the Leeson household.We are truly blessed and have 3 beautiful, whimsical and amazing children. Aubrey is now 2 and loves to read, sing, play dress up, going to the park and doing anything that involves spending time with her Papa. She is a great big sister … [Continue reading...]