Mason Jar Lid Pies for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I’m in full on entertaining prep mode.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on everything from cleaning the house to planning and preparing the menus.  I’m a big fan of mini desserts and I can’t wait to serve up these Mason Jar Lid Pies for Thanksgiving!

Mason Jar Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals, but in all honesty, it’s the huge selection of pies for dessert that I love most.  However, sending home slices of different pies in leftover containers can be a bit of a challenge. This year, I’ve decided to make mini pies for everyone to take home.
Mason Jar Lid Pies
I picked up several packages of canning jar lids, and I’ll bake tiny pies in each lid. I recently tested the recipes in the canning jar lids to make sure it would work, and much to my delight it worked perfectly!
To start line each lid with pie crust and filling and bake for about one third to one half the time of a full-size pie. I actually baked all of my lid pies on a cookie sheet to make it easier to put in the oven and take out of the oven. You could partially cook these too, so they can be heated in the oven before serving. {Just let your guests know, maybe add a little tag to them?}
DIY Mason Jar Pie
These are the perfect serving size for one, especially with a dab of whipped cream or ice cream on top.
To create the perfect party favor I placed the cooled pies in cello bags and tied them with ribbon.  I suggest baking these pies the day before your event and then the morning of the event place them in the bags.  The bags will get moisture in them if you bag the pies when they are warm or if you place them in the refrigerator.  
Mason Jar Pie Party Favors
These mini pies are perfect for all of your Thanksgiving celebrations and make the perfect little party favors too!
What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

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  1. The mason jar lids as a container to hold the little pies is SO smart!!

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