Magical Llamacorn Birthday Party Ideas

Bursting with sparkles, glitter and cuddly creatures this party is sure to be a whole LLAMA magical fun!  What do you get when you combine two of the hottest party trends, a magical Llamacorn Birthday Party full of whimsy, sparkle and fun! 

Llamacorn Party Ideas

This party is perfect for kids of all ages and I’m sharing all the party ideas and details to create this one-of-a-kind celebration on Oriental Trading Fun365.

Magical Llamacorn Party Ideas

You may be wondering,  what the heck is a Llamacorn?  It’s what you get when you combine the hottest new party trends, a cuddly llama and a magical unicorn.  These two creatures have taken the party scene by storm.  While the unicorn has been a party staple for sometime, it’s new found friendship with the new to the scene llama is whimsical match made in heaven.  The llamacorn is 50% llama, 50% unicorn and 100% magic!Llamacorn Party Printables

Does your little “llama queen” dare to be different?  Then you are going to love every shimmery detail of this party.  My girls were over the rainbow excited when we started planning this party.  After I threw my own llama themed fiesta party they have wanted to have a llama party too.  But, like all young girls they wanted sparkles, glitter and pink.  The pretty pastel and gold unicorn party decorations on Oriental Trading inspired me to create a whimsical party combining these two trendy creatures.  Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite details from the party, but make sure you head over to Fun365 to sell all of the magical details like the enchanting  Llamacorn Bingo game I designed and the charming Llamacorn Cupcakes .

Llamacorn Dessert Table Ideas

Magical Llamacorn Cupcake

Magical Llamacorn Bingo

You will also want to make sure you check out all of the FREE Llamacorn party printables I created so you can host your own extraordinary birthday celebration!

Llamacorn Cupcakes

Is there a party trend you’ve been eager to use?  What animal do you think will be the next hottest trend to hit the party scene?




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