How to Keep White Towels White and Fresh-Smelling

There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a fresh-smelling, fluffy white towel.  That’s probably one of my favorite things about traveling and staying in luxury hotels.  When we moved into our new house, I decided that I wanted to recreate that same luxury feel in our guest bathroom.
How to Keep White Towels White and Fresh Smelling
White towels are the perfect crisp, clean accessory to any suite or guest bathroom.  But keeping them crisp and clean isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, after a while, all white towels can become slightly dingy, despite regular washing and care.  Usually people think it’s impossible to restore their white towels to their original pristine brightness.  Don’t worry your white towels aren’t a lost cause. Fortunately with a few simple steps, you can keep your whites white and fresh-smelling for a long time.
Oxi Clean Laundry Tips
My secret weapon for keeping towels white is OxiClean.  I was first introduced to OxiClean while expecting our first child.  A friend gave it to me at a baby shower and swore it would change my life.  Little did I know that my life with three kids would be consumed with doing laundry and there would be stains….lots and lots of stains.  Using OxiClean did indeed change my laundry-filled life and I’ve been using it ever since to keep stains at bay and now my whites whiter.
Here are my tips for how to keep your white towels white and fresh-smelling:
1. Wash white towels weekly.  At least once a month add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle; this will help whiten, brighten, reduce odor and soften your towels.
2. Wash towels with the hottest water you can and make sure you use a quality detergent.
3. Add a booster to the detergent like OxiClean White Revive for best results.  Oxi Clean White Revivie helps revive dingy whites without chlorine, and there is no lingering bleach smell.  It will help keep your white towels looking like new longer!
Oxi Clean Stain Remover Tips
4. Hang your white towels out to dry in the sunshine.  The natural sunlight will not only help keep your towels a brilliant white, but nothing beats the sweet smell of fresh air and fluffy towels straight off the clothesline.
Clothesline Dry White Towels
Give your laundry routine a boost and add OxiClean to help keep stains at bay and whites whiter.  If you’re life is anything like mine and seems to revolve around the mountains of laundry that never seem to end you will absolutely love the efficiency and ease of OxiClean.  Not to mention the “Wow-factor” every time you do a load and watch the stains magically disappear or see how it helps keep your whites whiter and fresh-smelling wash after wash!
Oxi Clean White Revive Tips
“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OxiClean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about OxiClean Stain, all opinions are my own.”
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  1. Great tips! I admittedly have always shied away from white towels, just because I was worried that even if they were washed guests would think they were dirty because of the dinge <– is that a word?! 😉 In any case, now I'm excited to buy a few and make that guest bath feel like a hotel around here too (or maybe not because then the guests may never want to leave! ha ha!)

    • Ha ha, you do run the risk of guest never wanting to leave if you make it to luxurious…but you’ll love the look and feel of fresh crisp white towels.

  2. I’ve never tried this stuff before. I have lots of white towels and sheets – I need this in my life!

  3. I love using oxi clean for my whites, but I have not thought about using it on my towels! I do add a little to my homemade laundry detergent for a little added boost.

  4. Our little one wears smocked dresses on special occasions (as well as non-occasions – like school). Playgrounds can produce horrible stains on white (and other pastel dresses) and we are looking for a neat, safe product for preschool clothes.

    Thanks for the post! We are adding Oxi Clean to our monthly Amazon list! 🙂

    – Weekends Count

    • I first discovered Oxi Clean when my daughter was little and it was a lifesaver on getting out stains, especially since we ended up having another girl and we were able to pass down our favorite outfits like they were brand new. 🙂

  5. We LOVE Oxi Clean and use it for everything… laundry and stain removal (carpets, fabrics, etc.).

  6. Jerry Lewis says:

    A lot of my towels say “No Bleach” and “Wash in Cold Water”. I use a quality detergent that has Oxy-clean in it and use vinegar regularly for rinsing. Towels are still dingy. Our neighborhood does not allow clothes lines. Any suggestions, other than move?

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