How to Stay Organized and Motivated with The Happy Planner

A new year means it’s time for a fresh start, getting organized and setting goals.  I’m one of those people that loves the start of a new year and all the promise of hope and change that come with it.  I love how a new year motivates me to get organized and set new goals. To kick off the new year I’ve partnered with Michaels to show you just how easy it is to get organized, set goals and stay motivated.

One of my favorite things about a new year is getting a new planner.  I literally could not function on a day to day basis without my planner! That little book is the heartbeat of our home and my business, I would be absolutely lost without my planner.

A few years ago I thought I would try keeping track of everything in my calendar on my phone, but after 2 weeks of trying it that I way I realized it just wasn’t for me.  I missed my planner. I missed being able to write everything down and see it in one place. I missed opening up that little book and being able to check things off and see the progress I was making. I switched back to my happy little planner and haven’t looked back since.

Each year the products available for planners get better and better and Michaels has a huge selection of planners and accessories to help you personalize and create the planner of your dreams!

I’m currently obsessed with The Happy Planners from Me & My Big Ideas.  They are part calendar, part journal and part inspirational artwork. Not only can you get organized and keep track of appointments, deadlines and meetings you can use the planner to create a personal space where you can record gratitude, self-development a focus on positive thinking.

Sometimes when the calendar starts to fill up and I’m looking at all the looming deadlines it can be overwhelming.  That’s why I love to fill my planner up with colorful, motivating reminders to help me face those goals and tasks head on. The Happy Planner stickers are perfect for adding a pop of color and creativity to your organization.
Making to-do lists is a lot more fun when they are colorful, full of stickers and motivating, don’t you agree?!  I love all of the little accessories that you can buy to keep things organized too.  I’m a sucker for cute and colorful office supplies so this fun little binder clips and stickers definitely make creating to-do lists a whole lot more interesting.
I like to use washi tape to keep track of appointments, due dates and kids activities. I use different color tape to categorize due dates, school activities, and my kids sports schedules.  This way I can quickly glance at the calendar and know what I have coming up or what I need to tackle first. And the added bonus is that when due dates change or game schedules get updated I can easily remove the washi tape and replace it so my pretty planner doesn’t get messed up with scratched out assignments.
Whether it’s planning the family schedule or business planning Michaels has planners for everyone.  They have planners and accessories that will help you tackle busy family schedules, create business and stick to your business goals and even help you stick to your workout routine. Start the year off right and head to Michaels so you can create your ultimate planner with pretty covers, washi tape, charms, stickers, fun sticky notes and colorful clips!

Mariah Leeson is the creative mind behind With a passion for celebrating, Mariah created Giggles Galore to inspire families to celebrate life’s little moments with creative, budget friendly ideas. She loves cooking, reading, crafting, hosting parties and most of all spending time giggling with her family.

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  1. So I am totally borrowing your idea about writing on washi tape!! Love your planner!! I am a bullet Journal lover myself.

  2. Funny that you use a planner. I just bought a spiral calendar/notebook to use as a planner. It’s working so far! I even bought fine tip Sharpies today to use in it ~ this was before reading your post. I like your planner, pens and all the clips and stickers!!!

    On a weird side note: my hubby and I when we got married, it was like we were meant to be since we both collected office supplies… Definitely something not everyone collects! 😉 Great post! Happy to share it.

  3. I’ve just discovered the joy of the Happy Planner. I love how flexible it is and it works like my brain works. I’ve shared a tutorial on how to make your own DIY Happy Planner Pocket Folders on Organized 31. Thanks for linking up at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll LInk Party.

  4. So gorgeous! I’m definitely a planner junky!! Thanks for linking up with us at Funtastic Friday!

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