Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches

Baking is a a big part of the holidays for our family.  As a kid it was like Christmas couldn’t officially arrive until we had baked dozens of cookies in the kitchen with festive Christmas music playing in the background.  Thanks to Nestle Toll House for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to create these delicious Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches with Nestlé Toll House Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets!

Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches_Giggles Galore

While I love baking I’m not a big fan of the mess that usually gets made.  Which is why I absolutely LOVE these new Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough Sheets. Nestlé has done all the prep work for me and I get to fast forward to the fun part of baking…decorating, assembling and taste-testing goodies!

Gingerbread is a classic holiday flavor, but surprisingly it’s not something I make often.  I guess in my head it just seems too complicated, but there is nothing complicated about the rolled and ready cookie dough.  It’s so easy to use and these perfectly rolled sheets produced beautiful uniformed cookies which made our cookie sandwiches look almost too good to eat, almost.  Have you ever tried to make a recipe for rolled cookies and ended up running half of the batch because the dough was too thick or thin?!  I’m guilty of ruining more batches than I care to count and admit I was a little leery about these sheets, but I couldn’t get over how perfect these cookies turned out.

Holiday Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches

Whip up a batch of these easy and delicious cookies and take them to friends or neighbors and spread a little holiday cheer.  Packed full of Christmas flavor they are guaranteed to be a hit and of course turn an ordinary day into an EXTRAORDINARY holiday moment for those you bake them with and the ones you deliver them to!

First start by gathering your supplies for the Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches.

Rolled & Ready Gingerbread Cookie Dough Sheets

Remove the floured rolled and ready cookie dough sheets and gently place on a flat surface.  Use a 2″ circle cookie cutter to create the base for your sandwich cookies.

Nestle Toll House Gingerbread Sheets

While your gingerbread cookies are baking prepare the gingerbread cinnamon icing.  I used a recipe from my friend Courtney’s beautiful book Frostings.  I tweaked the recipe a bit, added a Tablespoon of vanilla and omitted the ginger (because I didn’t have any) and think it turned out perfect for these cookies.

Cinnamon Gingerbread Frosting

Once the cookies have cooled it’s time to add the icing.  Take one cookie and turn it so the bottom side is facing up, pipe the gingerbread cinnamon icing onto the cookie and then take another cookie and place it on top of the frosting.  Gently “sandwich” the two cookies together to create your delicious Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches!

Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches

Holiday baking with Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough makes getting in the holiday spirit even easier…and tasty too!

Make sure you visit the Nestle Toll House website for more Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough Sheet recipes and learn how to incorporate them into your holiday baking.  Speaking of baking, do you have a favorite holiday cookie that you love to make?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nestlé Toll House Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets, however as always all ideas, opinions and photography are 100% my own.



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  4. Jamila Watson says:

    I am such a big fan of gingerbread cookies so I am loving these! Will need to make these for our holiday party.

  5. These look sooooo good! And I love the shortcut!

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  7. After baking up about 8 large batches of gingerbread from scratch this year, I would be all about the pre-made with this!!

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