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Hello there my friends! I am so excited to be back this year sharing even MORE hand lettered items with you! YAY! I have some FUN items planned so I hope you will continue to join us here to see what I have up my sleeve! 😉

Can you believe we are almost to the end of January and that “love” day is just around the corner? Yeah, me neither. But it is and I have designed something FUN for all of us today to get us in the mood for love whether we are there yet or not! (heehee) I give you “HELLO Love” . . . the perfect FREE cell phone wallpaper that you can download here for FREE today and enjoy ANY time of the year.

The nice thing about this particular cell phone wallpaper is YES, it was designed with Valentines Day in mind BUT it can certainly be used all year round. I for one, am in LOVE with a black and white color palette with a touch of blush pink. As a matter of fact, my whole house has black and white in it but I am currently doing a master bedroom makeover using the blush pink and dark grey color palette and I am LOVING how it’s coming out – more details revealed on my blog soon. Anyway, BLUSH is NOT going anywhere anytime soon as it is still a HOT color and not just associated with Valentines Day anymore. Anyone else crushing on the BLUSH trend right now, as I know I’m not the only one. 😉

Once the holidays were over, I knew a new cell phone background that I could use awhile was needed. Like I’ve mentioned already, I designed it with the idea of using it past Valentines Day in mind. I love a black and white stripe added in to any design and the blush heart enclosing the hand lettered ‘HELLO Love’ is perfect to greet you every time you use your cell phone. I added the three whimsical balloon hearts for some fun and just am loving the way it turned out. I for one, will be using this particular cell phone wallpaper way past Valentines Day.

In case you are new to switching out your cell phone background wallpaper, no worries as I am here to walk you through it as it’s simple to do if you follow these easy steps: from your cell phone, save this digital wallpaper design (below) by tapping and holding on the photo of the design. Choose ‘save image’ and it should save right into your photo album on your cell phone.

Next: go under settings, click on wallpaper and then ‘choose a new wallpaper’. Find the ‘HELLO Love‘ design on your camera roll, select by clicking it, adjust to your liking and then click on the ‘set’ button. It will then ask if you want to ‘set lock screen’ or ‘set home screen’ or perhaps you’d like to do both. Personally I just do my ‘lock screen’ (which is what you see here in this post) but you do what you like best. If you want to see it every time you look at your phone, then choose this option. If you were to choose the ‘home screen’ option it will show up behind your icon buttons on your phone – just FYI.

Was that super easy or what? Hopefully these simple directions were easy to understand and it worked for you. By the way, I do have an I-phone and this is what my settings were called but if you have something else, the steps should be close to what I explained here. You should be able to still get it to work but please ask if you have any questions!

This FREE digital wallpaper design is for personal use ONLY and can NOT be sold or claimed as your own design. By downloading and using this design, you are agreeing to these terms.

This year, I’m really looking forward to designing even more FREEBIES every month for you here, so as always, if you ever have any idea for a future freebie idea, please reach out and leave a COMMENT BELOW! We would love to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed this free design for your cell phone and plan to use it! Please tag Giggles Galore and Eye Candy Creative Studio in your photos and you never know, I may just share it with MY readers!

To see more of my custom hand lettering prints, visit me at Eye Candy Creative Studio and say hello! Remember to let me know if you have a fab idea for a freebie that you would like to see me offer here by commenting in the comments below!

Happy Valentines Day friends and I sure hope you enjoy the ‘HELLO Love‘ background for your phones!





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  1. I love it! Thank you so much for the design and the instructions. I just saved it as my screen saver.

  2. Mariah!! I love Valentine’s Day, and love your idea for phone wallpaper! How festive! Thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love it! Thank you so much for the design and the instructions. I just saved it as my screen saver.

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