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Hello there friends and happy (almost) SUMMER! Today I want to talk about being motivated and inspired. That’s right it is time to Stop Wishing and Start Doing, and I’m making that easy with this Free Inspirational Summer Art Print.

For me, I NEED to be inspired and usually find that inspiration by hanging out with other creatives, perusing my favorite go-to online websites or reading my fave book or magazine. I gather inspiration from everywhere,  even when I am out shopping! I even carry a tiny notebook in my purse so when an idea strikes I can turn into a sketch it out and later use it for my own custom art prints.

Another way I stay inspired is to keep my home and office space full of fun, motivational and inspiring artwork. Of course, I love to shop for the perfect pieces of artwork and accessories, but any chance I get to make my own original piece, I do!

Inspirational summer print1

Like I mentioned, since summer is right around the corner, I wanted to create a summer-ish inspirational print for y’all that hopefully will motivate you to quit procrastinating this summer and get up and go DO! DO all the things that you’ve always talked about doing during the summer months.  I am here to help you keep those promises, try and hold you accountable a little, and motivate you to plan for them because guess what folks, summer is a coming . . .  she’s right down the street and about to pull into your driveway any minute now! lol So let’s get to those plans!

I personally already have a list of summertime things I want to do, that I usually reserve just for those summer months when my daughter is finally out on summer break. We always do summer picnics at the park, bike riding, lots & lots of sleepovers with her friends and cousins, spa days at home and going to our local amusement park . . . we can NOT wait!!!! Hopefully you are already thinking of some things to get you started for summer. It’s time to “STOP wishing. START doing!!!”

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Inspirational summer print4

Inspirational summer print5

The nice thing about this art print is that it is the perfect print to hang up year round. It is a fabulous phrase to keep us inspired all through the year. My daughter wanted a copy of it for her locker at school. You could print it out and hang it in your kids rooms. Your home office. Use it for a binder cover on your kids school binders. Or simply print it out, frame and enjoy anywhere you want to see it on a daily basis.Inspirational summer print6

Inspirational summer print3

Inspirational summer print7

Using the bright color palette of aqua, yellow and pink gives it a summer-ish vibe and is the perfect accent to this hand lettered design. I used a wash of aqua watercolor in the background to make it feel more like summertime. Since the summer months usually have us attending more parties, like birthdays and graduations, this would be the perfect little add-on to one of those gift giving occasions that would be sooooooo appreciated.

To grab a copy for yourself or someone else, simply click here on this “STOP wishing. START doing. and print your own to frame or use today!

Inspirational summer print8

Inspirational summer print9

I would love for you to please tag Giggles Galore and Eye Candy Creative Studio in your photos, after you print this out because you never know, we may just share it with our readers! This “Inspirational Summer Art Print” art print is available as an 8 x 10 FREE download.

**FREE art prints are for personal use ONLY and may not be sold or claimed to be your design. By printing any freebies, you are agreeing to these terms.

To see more of my custom hand lettered art prints, visit me at Eye Candy Creative Studio and say hello! Let me know if you ever have a fab idea for a freebie to offer here by commenting below. Who knows, you just may see it! 😉

Have a great SUMMER & I hope you are inspired to STOP wishing. START doing. 😉

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    • Hi Sarah, I’m sorry you are having trouble with the file, it looks like we have an error with the file upload on our end. I’ve sent you an email with the free art print attached. Sorry about the trouble, hope you enjoy it!

  2. I’m having difficulty accessing the printable, could the link be broken?

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    • Hi Lakeria, it should be fixed now but if you are still having trouble downloading the file send me an email and I can email it to you.

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