Easter Candy Galore

After all the Easter egg hunts, Easter basket goodies and over zealous Grandma & Grandpa we had way more candy than any 2 year old should ever have. What to do with all that candy?

Even with the candy rationing, I was tired of hearing “Can I crack an egg now?” from Aubrey who just wanted to relish her goodies. I decided I would let her splurge, but we were going to make it a learning lesson so at least I would feel better about giving in. So we gathered up some materials to sort our jelly beans- Paper in the shape of Jelly Beans, Crayons, jelly beans, and a muffin tin for sorting
I let her color the paper jelly beans while I sorted out 5 of each color of the real ones. We then cut them out and placed them in the muffin tin so she could sort the colors. She had a blast and was excited about getting a treat when we were done. After we sorted all the colors, I couldn’t resist a lesson in counting so she had to count out one of each color before she got to eat them. Not a bad activity, we both had fun and 6 jelly beans before lunch are OK on occasions, right?

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  1. Too cute! I like the pictures of the activity to make it clear what you are doing. Have a fun week! Mom

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