Easter 2009

We had a lovely Easter full of fun times and lots of memories. I think the kiddos all looked adorable in their new Easter outfits, if only I could have gotten some good pics. Who would have thought it would have been so hard to find 3 outfits that all coordinated, Grandma Yardley and I looked everywhere and this is finally what we came up with. Notice the subtle hints of pink in Parker and Piper’s outfits (it was a stretch I know.)

Aubrey & the Twins opened their Easter baskets before we went to church and Aubrey was thrilled to find that the basket had candy. She squealed with delight “Oh my goodness mom, candy!” I let her pick out 1 treat to enjoy before we left, she picked the marshmallow bunny, yum.
After church we went to Grandma & Grandpa’s for dinner & to hunt Easter eggs. We had to try one more time to get a picture of all three of them (I just want 1 good one, before they are 10!) and after some bribes we finally got Aubrey to sit and cooperate. Everyone had a good time “hunting” eggs. Aubrey found all the hidden eggs and after she took all the loot, she let Parker and Piper “hunt” them. Over all it was a beautiful day and we are once again reminded that we are truly blessed.

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