DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Rings

Hello Giggles Galore readers! It’s Cathy from Party HarDIY again, and I’m here to share another colorful DIY! Since I’m always on the lookout for a simple way to add a pop of fun to my holiday tablescape, I decided to make something new this year- DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Rings! I wanted them to be simple and affordable, so I used basic craft supplies like wooden beads, cardstock, and those tiny scraps of felt that get left behind that I can’t seem to bring myself to throw away. Since it’s really cold this time of year, I knew spray paint wasn’t an option. These are painted with plain ol’ acrylic paint- my favorite! Even though they’re incredibly simple to make, I think they really pack a punch.

 Easy Easter Craft DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

Supplies you will need:

Wooden beads
Glue gun
Skewer stick
Washi tape

Easter Crafts DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

Bunny Directions:

To begin, paint your beads and let them dry. I put mine on a skewer with washi tape which helps them to dry without touching anything or rolling around. Learn more about that here.

Bunny napkin rings 1

Next, cut out your felt pieces. First, the ears. Cut out a long, then strip with slightly pointed ends, like the shape of orzo or a propeller. Then, fold it in half and cut a small triangle from each side to make it narrow enough to fit inside the hole in your bead.

Bunny napkin rings 2

Cut a small rectangle out of felt. Fold it accordion style and wrap a thin ribbon around it and glue to secure.

Bunny napkin rings 3

Finally, assemble the bunny by first placing a dot of hot glue into the top bead hole, then placing the folded ears on top and finally pressing them in with the skewer or a toothpick. Then, add the glue to the bottom and attach the bow tie.
Bunny napkin rings 4

To make the ring: 

Cut a thin strip of paper from your cardstock, then fold it in half and cut along the fold.

Bunny napkin rings 5

Roll it into a circle and add glue to secure. You’ll want to note the type of napkin you are using and how thick it is to ensure a good fit. 

Bunny napkin rings 6

Lastly, glue the bunny on, being very careful that you place it onto your napkin the correct way (bow facing out).

Bunny napkin rings 7

And now you’ll have a complete set of bunny napkin rings that you can use over and over again! I also thought they would be really cute if you used glitter paper for the napkin rings, but I was worried they might sprinkle glitter all over. I’m good with glitter on my floors and hands, but I draw the line with it in my food! However, I think you could alleviate that with a coat of mod podge. Either way, I think these napkin rings are the simple pop of color your table needs this Easter!

Easter Entertaining DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

DIY Bunny Napkin Rings


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