DIY Donut Plates

Rise and shine it’s donut time!  You may have noticed that all week long we are celebrating National Doughnut Day, which is this Friday June 2, with 10 of our favorite party and lifestyle bloggers.  We are bringing you crafts, parties and recipes everyday! Today I am super excited to share my DIY Donut Plates to help you celebrate and enjoy your donuts on National Doughnut Day!  

Before we dive into this super simple tutorial I have to know do you spell “donut” or “doughnut” when you are referencing these round delectable treats?  I usually write donut, but apparently National Doughnut Day doesn’t.  While figuring out whether to write donut or doughnut might be complicated this project isn’t, let’s get started shall we!

What You Will Need:

Step 1: 

Open Cricut Design Space and open the Donut SVG file created by Studio DIY.  Resize the donut to fit  your plate, I found mine at Target.  I wanted mine to cover most the plate.  My plates were 6″ in diameter so I cut my donut 5.5″.

Step 2: 

Decide which colors or “flavors” you want your donuts to be and place the coordinating colored vinyl on the standard grip Cricut mat.  Cut out all elements for the project in the colors you desire.  So for example, I made “glazed donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles” and “chocolate donuts with strawberry frosting and sprinkles.

Step 3: 

Use the transfer tape to transfer the “frosting” to the donut base.  I found that this was easier to do before putting the image on the plate.  Stick the donut on the plate, you can do this with or without the transfer tape.

Step 4: 

Now, it’s time to add the sprinkles to your donut.  I just did this by hand rather than using the transfer tape for each one and just applied them in a random pattern.

Step 5: 

Add donuts and enjoy!  

Disclaimer: The vinyl used on these plates is not considered to be food safe.  Before serving your donuts place a smaller clear plastic plate on top of these plates, or put the donuts in a food safe container, like a cute cupcake liner, before serving.  Or you can walk on the wild side like I did and just put them directly on the plate, but just note that the vinyl is not food safe.

I told you this project was super simple. I even made smaller donut stickers with the vinyl to add to our mini milk jugs, aren’t they just too cute and perfect for breakfast on National Doughnut Day?!

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