DIY Chalkboard Placemats & Back to School Blog Hop with 10 Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboards may no longer have a place in the classroom, but they are still a quintessential school symbol. I’ve teamed up with some creative bloggers for a Back to School Blog Hop with 10 Chalkboard Ideas. Oh, and a giveaway from DecoArt too…so you can get creative and turn just about any surface into a writing tablet with chalkboard paint!  Make sure you visit each bloggers site and check out their chalkboard projects (click on the images below.)  But wait, before you go check out my tutorial for DIY Chalkboard Placemats below.

Giggles Galore Chalkboard Placemats

This craft project for DIY Chalkboard Placemats is not only easy, but fun and educational too!  Let’s face it chalkboard placemats aren’t a new concept.  I love the idea of giving the kids a creative outlet they can use at mealtime, but I also wanted to use it as a learning tool.  School is about to start and that means we will have spelling words to learn, math problems to solve and lots of stories to tell.  Now with our new DIY chalkboard placemats we can make the time spent waiting for dinner a fun way to practice writing and arithmetic.

Back to School Chalkboard Placemats

I’m going to show you how you can make your own DIY chalkboard placemats, they are easy and inexpensive (my kind of project!)  You will need a smooth placemat from the dollar store, chalkboard spray paint, a white paint pen, ruler and chalk.

Chalkboard Placemat Supplies

Dollar Store Placemats

Spray paint both the front and back of the placemat.  On one side of the placemat draw 3 boxes  in a row and 3 more below that with a white permanent paint pen.  I measured my Then draw a +, – and = sign on each row.  Now while you are cooking dinner you can practice math problems with your little scholar.

Math Chalkboard Placemat

On the other side of the placemat I created a space where we could practice letters and writing.  This side required a little more patience to get all the lines straight.  I decided to leave the top portion blank so they could draw pictures and put 3 notebook paper style lines at the bottom.  I drew measured the space and then drew the lines on with a pencil.  Once I was happy with how they looked I went over the lines with the permanent paint pen.

Writing Chalkboard Placemat

I love how my DIY chalkboard placemats turned out and I’m excited about using them with the kids during the school year!  I’m a firm believer in making learning fun and I know my kids will have fun “playing” at the dinner table with their new chalkboard placemats.

Chalkboard Place Mats DIY Chalkboard Placemats

What you would make with chalkboard paint?  Of course, I’d also love to hear what you think of these DIY chalkboard placemats. Don’t forget to visit the other bloggers to check out their chalkboard projects and make sure you enter the DecoArt giveaway below!

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  1. Great idea, can not wait to try it and the boys will love this! 🙂

  2. How super fun! I am a chalkboard paint addict- and have lots of chalkboard projects in our house too! Love the placemat idea though- never seen that one!

  3. Bethany McIntyre says:

    I love this idea what a great fun way to practice things the kids are learning in school.

  4. Barbara Yardley says:

    Totally adorable…I want a set!

  5.– CUTE! I love this easy and so perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Jennifer says:

    My favorite thing about back to school is my kids excitement when they meet their new teachers and see who is in their class! They’re always so excited when they get off the bus!

  7. What a fun collection of back to school ideas. I love those pockets for holding pencils, crayons, etc. I have some of those that are magnet and I keep them on my dry erase board for our homeschool stuff. Makes it so much easier to keep up with stuff.

    And those DIY chalkboard place mats….. AWESOME! Pinned.

  8. Love, love the blackboard placemats. I wanted something blackboard for my grandchildren ( 2 1/2 and 1) to use chalk inside and their mama didn’t want me to paint their kids table, so this is the perfect solution! Thanks for the chance to win What I love about back to school is that I don’t have to get ready for it anymore. Although ,I treasure the memories of taking my kids for school clothes and supplies shopping. Yeah ,I miss those days, and so will all of you, so treasure this time even though it is crazy

  9. Lovina C. says:

    My Favorite thing about back to school is watching my kids enjoy learning and growing as little people!!! Plus it gives me a reason to checkout Pinterest, Facebook, instagram, and all the other great site out there for teacher gifts, party ideas and so much more!!!

  10. Planning a fun back to school gift for the teacher.

  11. I love all the school supplies!

  12. Chalk placements are new to me! I LOOOOVE these! My jaw LITERALLY dropped when I saw that spray paint. I had no idea it existed. My life may never be the same…… Darling post!

  13. Love these, remind me of the ones I used in school when I was little!

  14. These are awesome Mariah!!!! What a fun idea and great use of the chalk paint. Even I want to color on them 🙂

  15. That’s a great idea to keep kids occupied while preparing meals. 🙂 So easy, I’ll try that with my boys and see how they use it. Thanks for sharing.


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