Craft Resolutions with Michaels and Organization Tips

I am so excited about this month’s Michaels Makers Challenge, it’s all about getting organized for the new year!  This month we were challenged to share our creative work spaces and organization tips and it motivated me to do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time…redecorate my home office! My One Little Word for 2015 is Focus & Shine (ok, that’s two words but I couldn’t decide) and I need a creative, organized space to help me achieve my goals this year!

Giggles Galore Office Space

We moved into a new house last spring and while I loved my new office space, I knew it would need a makeover.  The dark green walls weren’t really my style and it felt much to formal for my creative soul.  Not only did it need a makeover in the color department my office was in need of some serious organization!  I had craft supplies shoved in every nook and cranny of that room and it was impossible to find anything I needed while working on projects.  Not to mention that because I had no idea what supplies I did have, I ended up buying multiples of things I already had.  Here is what it looked like before my office makeover.

Office Before

To get started I changed those dark green walls with a lighter creamy neutral.  I used Timid White from Benjamin Moore and love how it turned out.  The room just looks fresh and ready to inspire, wouldn’t you agree?

Next, I needed to get everything organized and add a little bit of color and personality.  Michaels has a great selection of products to help organize craft supplies and inspiration always strikes when I am there.  I picked up lots of baskets and tin containers to organize my craft supplies and used chalkboard tags to label everything.  Baskets are a great way to store things you frequently use and need easy access to, but with it still being functional and stylish.

Craft Room Basket Storage

Bookcase Organization

In addition to the baskets I picked up several glass containers to store more supplies.  I mixed the new jars with some of my apothecary jars I already had to store little items like stamps, ribbon and washi tape.  Now I don’t have to rummage through boxes to find that perfect color of ribbon for my project.

Be Awesome Today

I decided to organize the book shelves by function, with the larger bookshelf being a storage space for all of my craft  and office supplies and the other bookshelf housing my baking and entertaining supplies.  Not only do they look pretty they are practical and it definitely makes it easier to find what I need.

Craft Room Entertaining Storage

What my old office was missing was personality.  I am a loud, energetic, fun, creative, and detail-oriented person.  I needed a space that did a better job of reflecting me and my business.  I incorporated my favorite color Aqua by bringing in my chalk paint chair and a DIY corkboard. I re-purposed the Cut It Out frame I used for my twins birthday party and bought a cork board from Michaels to make this simple project.

Office Gallery Wall

I needed the focal wall in the room to be a mixture of the things I love, my family, and inspiration so I created a simple gallery wall with the new DIY corkboard, photos, and my home state burlap canvas.  I spotted this cute little mini light up arrow from the new Heidi Swap collection and decided it would be the perfect addition to my gallery wall.  This wall just makes me feel happy and I can’t wait to pin photos, inspiration and to-do lists to my new corkboard.

My craft space is still a work in progress, it needs new curtains but that’s a project for another day!  But, one thing is certain this new creative, colorful and inspiration space is just what I need to Focus and Shine in 2015!

What are your craft resolutions?  If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to clean out your closet, your office or even your bedroom, but you’re sick of the typical containers and boxes – here are some cool and creative DIY storage ideas that might help!  And if you haven’t decided what project you’re going to kick off 2015 with stop by Michaels’ blog  The Glue String  for inspiration from all 30 of the Michaels Makers.

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  1. Great office space, girly! I’m all about simple wall galleries and my little gallery in my office makes me smile daily. Fun seeing your work space you talented lady! xo


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