Cold Stone Chocolate, My Favorite Chocolate

When you love chocolate as much as I do it’s hard to have a favorite.  But, these new chocolate bars from Cold Stone Chocolate are definitely at the top of my favorite list!



Cold Stone Chocolate was one of the sponsors at SNAP and they made sure they kept everyone’s sweet tooth happy by supplying lots of chocolate goodies.  I wasn’t going to turn down chocolate, but when I found out that they are a new venture with Utah Truffles (seriously some of the best chocolate truffles I have ever tasted!) I couldn’t wait to give them a try!

You may know Cold Stone Creamery for their famous premium ice cream. But, now they are doing for chocolate what they have been doing for ice cream for years.  Their premium chocolate is made with naturally flavored and scrumptious ingredients.  My favorite is the Mmmmmint Chip bar.  I tried to savor the melt in your mouth goodness, but since we are friends I’ll be honest and tell you I devoured it! 😉

mint chocolate chip bar

Over the years Cold Stone Chocolate has learned a lot about making unique ice cream creations by combining the freshest and the highest quality ingredients and mix-ins.  Their chocolate creations offer new and exciting flavor adventures that people simply love.  Their passion is more than making great chocolate confections. It’s really about making people happy by bringing a little joy into their lives with chocolate.



If you are a chocoholic like me then you better hurry over to My Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway and enter for your chance to win a $30 credit to Cold Stone Chocolate.


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  1. Wow chocolate is my favorite. I make at home with different flavor.

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