Coke Bottle Santa

If you have been following Giggles Galore you probably know by now that lots of my inspiration for parties, projects and crafts come from childhood memories, and I owe a lot of my creativity to my incredibly talented mom.  This is one of those projects.  Years ago my mom, who is a school teacher, would spend her summer crafting and creating things that she could sale to make extra money for Christmas.  There were always lots of creative crafts, but the Coke Bottle Santa was one of my favorites.

Coke Bottle Santa Giggles Galore

I’m a huge fan of Coca-Cola and love the idea of creating a festive holiday decoration with coke bottles.  Grab a six-pack of coke and let’s get busy crafting.

Hand Painted Coke Bottle Santa


Coca-Cola Bottles (save the lids)

Americana Santa Red Spray Paint

Glitter Snow

Craft Paint (Apricot, White, Black, Blue, Red)

Paint Brushes

Clear Coat Spray Paint

Coke Bottle Santa Supplies


1. Wash and dry the coke bottles.

2. Apply a coat of Santa Red spray paint to each bottle.

3. After the spray paint has dried, paint an oval shape with the Apricot craft paint about 2 inches down from the neck of the bottle.

4. Next, paint the face.  You can either make it simple with just dots for the eyes or you can put a twinkle in his eye and get fancy.

5. Paint the beard with long brush strokes towards the belly and then paint his mustache.

6. Dab your paint brush in the white paint and use short, light brush strokes to create a stipple effect down the center of the bottle

7. Put the bottle cap back on and use the Glitter Snow to create Santa’s hat.  You can also use the snow to add dimension above his face.

8. Finally, spray a clear coat of protective gloss spray paint on the bottle.

Coke Bottle Santa Steps

Isn’t he adorable?!  The Coke Bottle Santa makes a pretty fabulous Christmas decoration, especially for Coca-Cola lovers.  What is your favorite holiday decoration?

Coke Bottle Santas

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