Mother’s Day Brunch and Bagel Bar

Are you looking for a fun idea to celebrate mom this Mother's Day?  Why not host a Mother's Day Brunch with an interactive Bagel Bar. Interactive food stations or tables are going to be a hot trend this year in parties large and small.  While the popular "dessert table" will continue to have a big presence at parties, these new food bars allow you to get creative and offer your guest an "experience" they are sure to love! This year for Mother's Day I decided to take one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Winter Wonderland Dinner Party

Celebrate the Holiday Season with an elegant Winter Wonderland Dinner Party for friends and family.  This simple, yet elegant dinner was styled using the Winter Wonderland party package from Bird's Party.  It set the tone for a dreamy dinner party ideal for enjoying the holiday's with loved ones.  With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I wanted a simple menu that would allow me to spend more time enjoying my guest than rushing around the kitchen. I created a Pasta Bar with … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas Service {Day 11} Eleven Piper’s Piping

"On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Eleven Piper's Piping ...but imagine all that noise!  Instead we found some "Piper's" that are sure to bring lots of entertainment, with a little less noise. Since our special family not only has young children, but they also are a care giver for 5-6 other little ones we thought pipe cleaners would make a fun surprise.  Day 11 Although they're not piping, these pipe cleaners can Give hours of pleasure to small kiddo … [Read more...]

Banana Caramel Push-up Pops

I'm bananas for banana desserts!  I was inspired to make this dessert from Glorious Treats scrumptious looking Banana Caramel Cream Dessert. I wanted to serve these at Monkey's birthday party...yes I said Monkey.  You can see more of our fun play date and birthday celebration here.  But, I knew I wanted an easier version I could whip up quickly and decided on my versions...Banana Caramel Push-up Pops.You'll need the following ingredients to make this tasty treat:- Graham cracker crumbs- Banana … [Read more...]

Picnic Party

Everyone loves a picnic, it can turn even the simplest meal into an adventure.  Both the adults and kids can relax, chit-chat, fill their bellies and stay entertained with outdoor activities. This picnic inspired party was styled for our family reunion, which was also doubling as my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration.  Since we were having a potluck BBQ the day of her birthday I decided to go with a fun picnic theme and set up the display table to incorporate lots of summer picnic … [Read more...]

Lots-o-Dots Thank You Cards

Thank you, Gracias, Danke, Merci Beaucoup.  We all know how important it is to say thank you, but do you take the time to send thank you notes?  In today's world of instant communication it is more common to get a "thank you" via email or Facebook, but the simple act of writing a thank you note is like delivering a huge ray of sunshine.I recently attended the SNAP Creativity at Your Fingertips conference and once I got home I had lots of "thank you's" I needed to send to some of the amazing … [Read more...]

Sugar Cookie Gifts

When I first saw the sugar cookie printables for this month’s challenge I knew I wanted to incorporate them into gifts we could give our neighbors and friends. My kids are at a super fun age where everything about Christmas is truly magical and even the simplest activities are a cause for joyful celebration. In an effort to soak in their excitement and anticipation of Christmas I am making an effort to create holiday traditions that will be cherished memories. Making cookies is a classic … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Roll

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving desserts.  I don't care for pumpkin pie, pecan pie is ok, but I do LOVE this tasty family favorite - pumpkin roll.This recipe is my grandma's recipe which my dad inherited and has become the resident "pumpkin roll maker" in our family.  You know it's a keeper when you ask for the recipe and it is scribbled on the back of a check book!We request this yummy dessert around this time every year and lucky for us he is happy to deliver! … [Read more...]

Lions, Tigers & Bears…Oh My!

This morning we woke up and the sun was shinning (it has been raining a lot here lately) and Daddy suggested we do something fun today as a family. We decided to take a trip down to the Dallas Zoo.We got everyone dressed, packed the million things that you have to take when you plan an outing with 3 little ones, loaded everyone in the car and headed out. Aubrey was so excited about seeing the animals and even more thrilled when we stopped to get donuts for breakfast.We had a great time and … [Read more...]

3 Little Monkeys…

Jumping in the Bed, 1 fell out and bumped his head. Well that isn't exactly what happened, but almost. One afternoon I went in to get the twins up from their nap and found Parker scaling his bumpers, hanging on to the side and leaning over to see what lie on the other side. When Justin got home that afternoon, the crib got moved down.Aubrey loves to go with me to get the twins up from their naps, she loves to climb on the crib and talk to them. They get so excited to see her and start … [Read more...]