A is for Apple

Since our week started off with a Apple theme for Muffin Tin Monday I decided to keep it going with some crafts this week.Here are 2 simple crafts that we made.Stuffed Apple1. Gather supplies - brown lunch sack, green construction paper, old newspaper, red paint, scissors, glue & paint brush.2. Paint the sack red. As you can see Aubrey decided it would be mush better to paint with her hands.3. Crumple several sheets of newspaper and stuff in bag.4. Tie top of bag to form the stem. Glue the … [Read more...]

Ladybug, Ladybug

This morning Aubrey firmly announced she wanted to make an art project. It has been quite some time since we have done an art project. With vacations & most recently sick kids I haven't had the time or energy to organize one, but since she asked it was a must.I asked her what she wanted to do and she said "paint a bug." So I popped over to No Time For Flashcards for some inspiration and we settled on painting a pretty ladybug. Here is how you can make your very own.1. Gather your … [Read more...]


As many of you know we LOVE to play dress up, so when I read about this idea I knew it would be perfect for our beach week. We created our very own grass skirt & flower lei to enjoy the day Aloha style.Grass Skirt(this would be great for older children. My 2 year old needed LOTS of help doing this one)1. Gather your supplies, you will need several sheets of green tissue paper & ribbon long enough to tie around your child's waist. (Note: these are the supplies for both crafts)2. Cut the … [Read more...]

Hand & Foot Lobster

Today's underwater creature, the lobster was inspired by Just For Fun. This morning Aubrey wanted to do our craft right after breakfast. We normally wait until the twins are down for a nap to do crafts (less chaos) but I figured this one was easy enough everyone could participate (it must have still been too early for me to think this was a good idea!)Here are the steps to create a very silly lobster.1. Gather your supplies - construction paper, red paint, paint brush, glue and eyes.2. Paint … [Read more...]

Treasure Hunt

Today we decided to go on a treasure hunt at the "beach" for today's activity. This is super easy and provides lots of possibilities for stimulation and learning.1. Fill a container full of sand and hide buried treasures in it (seashells, driftwood, sea animals, jewels and money.)2. Collect some containers to "dig" and sort with. We used some beach toys and a small kitchen strainer.3. Let your little one sift, dig and scoop through the sand to find the hidden treasures. Little Miss A. … [Read more...]

Sink or Swim…

The other day we had beautiful weather and I decided to play outside with Aubrey. I had an activity in mind that I had wanted to do with her for a while and this was the perfect day to do it. For this particular activity we were going to play with water and make predictions about what would Sink and what would Float. I love it when we do something that captures her attention and gets her so excited about the process of learning new things. We played this game for a solid hour and she found … [Read more...]