DIY Gold Leaf Photo Holder

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.  I am all about celebrating and making memories and in today's digital world it's easy to instantly capture all of the fun in a photo.  The only problem is sometimes I forget to print and display the photos of all the fun we have.  This year I've made it a goal to print our photos and put them on display. I think this crafty DIY Gold Leaf Photo Holder will be a stylish and easy way to instantly display some of our favorite … [Read more...]

Oscar Party Photo Booth

When I was growing up I dreamed of being an actress. I would put on little shows for my family and I took every opportunity to be in the spotlight.  I loved watching the award shows and just knew one day I would walking the red carpet.  Fast forward a few years and I may not be getting ready to walk the red carpet in Hollywood, but I'm ready to shine on the red carpet at our Oscar Party Photo Booth. I love having friends over to watch the red carpet fashion and the Oscars. Everybody loves … [Read more...]

Free Printables for Fall and Halloween!

Is it Fall weather where you live yet?  It is almost October and there's a slight chill in the air.  State fairs are rolling into town- which usually means cooler weather comes soon after!  I thought I would gather up some of the free printables for Fall and for Halloween too so that you could start preparing for decorating and maybe even a party!  Whether your decoration style is whimsical and classic or spooky and colorful, there's something for everyone! Celebrate Fall with some candy … [Read more...]

Warm & Toasty…A Hot Cocoa Party

My dear friend and photographer Elayne and I were having breakfast one morning and started talking about parties and ideas for her holiday photo sessions.  Next thing you know the two of us were bouncing off the walls with ideas for a Hot Cocoa stand (like a Lemonade stand, only with hot chocolate) and an adorable and very fun party was born. I am so EXCITED to share this party with you today!  I styled this Hot Cocoa party for Elayne's holiday mini sessions she offered to clients, and I am … [Read more...]

Photo Contest

I have had the pleasure to work with Tammy of Tammy Labuda Photography in the past and can't say enough about her fantastic work! I first started using Tammy soon after the twins were born. I wanted to capture how precious and tiny they were, since I knew it wouldn't last long.She did an amazing job, so much so that my mom immediately booked her to take family pictures and we have been using her ever since! She really has managed to capture the heart and soul of the people who mean so … [Read more...]