10 Minute Homemade Jellyfish Costume

Me and 80+ blog buddies got together to bring you 80+ DIY Halloween costumes, including this cute and easy 10 MINUTE HOMEMADE JELLYFISH COSTUME! I'm teaming up with Jamie Dorobek and her handmade Halloween costume site, Really Awesome Costumes to bring y'all tons of easy ideas to craft up DIY Halloween costumes for everyone including your pets, family costumes, and even a trunk or treat idea!   Along with my 10 Minute Homemade Jellyfish Costume, I'm sharing 88+ more really awesome … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Movies

Today's Muffin Tin Monday theme was movies...fun!  There are a zillion ideas that I could think of, but like usual I waited until the last minute to plan it and had to make due with what was on hand.One of Miss Aubrey's favorite movies is The Little Mermaid so we picked that movie for our MTM inspiration.  Here is what our tins looked like (kind of boring I know...)We had PB&J Mermaids (and a Prince), Cheese Stick Ursula, Yogurt w/blue sprinkles ocean and goldfish.Don't forget to visit Muffin … [Read more...]

Colorful Starfish

Today we tried a craft, but it didn't really go as planned. Aubrey brought home this colorful starfish from summer camp and I thought this would be perfect for Parker & Piper.How much simpler can you get...a starfish pattern, fruit loops and some glue!Two cute kids and your ready.Put glue on starfish pattern and adhere fruit loops.They loved putting the glue on, but they had no interest in actually leaving the fruit loops on. Every time they would put one on and I would turn to help the other … [Read more...]

Shark Puppets

I had so much fun yesterday doing a craft with my little ones that we did another "Ocean" craft today. I saw this idea in a book my mom gave me (she used to use this for ideas when we were kids!) and thought it would be easy and fun for P&P.I took letter size envelopes and sealed them. I then trimmed off 1/2 inch from one side and cut the other into a triangle to create the mouth. Save the triangle to use as the fin. It will look like this.I glued on the eye and gave them glitter paint pens … [Read more...]

Rainbow Fish

This week Aubrey is going to a summer camp and the theme is Ocean. She has brought home some cute crafts, like these:It inspired me to do an "Ocean" craft with the twins this morning. We made Rainbow Fish, read the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and had fishy snacks.To make our fish I gave them each a paper plate and a sponge. While they painted their plates (and the table, and each other) I cut out triangles for the fin & tail. I helped them glue on the eye, mouth, tail and finI … [Read more...]


As many of you know we LOVE to play dress up, so when I read about this idea I knew it would be perfect for our beach week. We created our very own grass skirt & flower lei to enjoy the day Aloha style.Grass Skirt(this would be great for older children. My 2 year old needed LOTS of help doing this one)1. Gather your supplies, you will need several sheets of green tissue paper & ribbon long enough to tie around your child's waist. (Note: these are the supplies for both crafts)2. Cut the … [Read more...]

Hand & Foot Lobster

Today's underwater creature, the lobster was inspired by Just For Fun. This morning Aubrey wanted to do our craft right after breakfast. We normally wait until the twins are down for a nap to do crafts (less chaos) but I figured this one was easy enough everyone could participate (it must have still been too early for me to think this was a good idea!)Here are the steps to create a very silly lobster.1. Gather your supplies - construction paper, red paint, paint brush, glue and eyes.2. Paint … [Read more...]

Treasure Hunt

Today we decided to go on a treasure hunt at the "beach" for today's activity. This is super easy and provides lots of possibilities for stimulation and learning.1. Fill a container full of sand and hide buried treasures in it (seashells, driftwood, sea animals, jewels and money.)2. Collect some containers to "dig" and sort with. We used some beach toys and a small kitchen strainer.3. Let your little one sift, dig and scoop through the sand to find the hidden treasures. Little Miss A. … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday- Beach Theme

Today there was no theme for MTM so I decided to use one that I have been thinking of for a while. With summertime in full swing here in Texas I decided we needed to do a "Beach" theme. I used to live on the coast and love the beach, unfortunately we aren't close to one here, but who says you can't bring it to you! All of our activities, including our Muffin Tin this week are centered around the Beach, so grab a beach towel, a fruity drink with an umbrella and enjoy!Our "Beach" Muffin … [Read more...]

Ocean Commotion

This is our project from Friday (I took a nap Friday instead of getting on the computer so I am a little bit behind). We wrapped up our Ocean themed week by creating our very own ocean, here's how...1. Gather all your supplies - White cardstock, colored construction paper, blue paint, cling wrap, paper muffin liner, tissue paper, fish templates (or you can make your own), crayons, scissors, and glue.2. Aubrey colored her fish while I got everything else ready. Take your white card stock and … [Read more...]