DIY Santa’s Cookies & Milk Placemat with Cricut

It's official I'm obsessed with all things Santa this holiday season!  It all started with my Letters to Santa themed Christmas tree, then it was a cute DIY "Santa Stop Here" sign on my Whimsical North Pole Christmas Mantle. Then we started baking cookies with our DIY Mrs. Claus Baking Kits and you can't forget about writing letters to Santa and putting them in our special DIY Letter to Santa Envelopes.  I thought we had this year's theme well covered, until I started thinking about … [Read more...]

Polar Post Christmas Tree – Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

One of the most wondrous things about Christmastime is that irresistible sense of anticipation and excitement that permeates the season. Advent calendars count down the days, twinkling lights make the neighborhood more and more festive, and brightly wrapped presents begin appearing, as if by magic, under the tree. Once again I'm participating in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge and this years tree pays homage to that glorious Christmas season tradition and anticipation that accompanies … [Read more...]

Letters to Santa Party

In case you missed my Letters to Santa party I originally shared on Design Dazzle I wanted to share all the goodies, including a FREE download with you today. Christmas is such a magical time of the year and as a child one of the best parts of Christmas is dreaming up your wish list for Santa.  I wanted to turn this ordinary event into a magical memory for my children. I set-up a small party for the cousins at grandma and grandpa's house.  Everyone came in their favorite Christmas pj's and after … [Read more...]