Floating the Frio River the Ultimate Texas Road Trip Destination

Every summer our family looks forward to loading up the car and heading out to what we would consider the ultimate Texas road trip destination. For 16 years we've been making the trek to the Texas Hill Country and floating the Frio River with friends.  This trip started out with a bunch of our friends from college and over the years it has morphed into the ultimate family vacation with lifelong friends, where extraordinary memories are made.   In my opinion the Texas Hill … [Read more...]

My Story Stones: Painted River Rocks

Every summer my family takes a trip to the Frio River, it's a vacation that actually started with college friends 15 years ago and it is a highly anticipated vacation for everyone in the family, I guess you could say it's our happy place. One of my kids favorite things to do, other than tubing down the Frio, is to collect river rocks. We have quite the collection of rocks that somehow make their way home, get scattered around the yard and house, and occasionally even end up in the wash. … [Read more...]

4th of July Flag Balloon Dart Game

  Hello!  I am excited to bring you a super fun 4th of July themed post with some of my favorite creative bloggers.  Welcome to The Red White and Blue Blog Hop where you will find 95 festive food, decor and craft ideas for an EXTRAORDINARY 4th of July Celebration! Every year we spend the 4th of July with friends at the Frio River and now that we all have kids I like to find fun and easy ways that they can celebrate.  In the past I've created 4th of July buckets filled with goodies … [Read more...]

Shrimp Ceviche Recipe with Texas Gulf Shrimp

Last year at our annual Frio River trip one of our friends made the best Shrimp Ceviche, it was seriously the best stuff.  It was so good we wiped it out in a matter of minutes.  Ever since that trip last summer I've been dying to recreate it, but since I never got around to it I figured I'd get my fix again this year at the river.  But, much to the groups disappointment our friend Neil didn't make it this year...which means I really had a craving for it now. I couldn't wait until next year … [Read more...]

Frio River Fun – #Funsucker Free Family Vacation

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cutter® Insect Repellents. Twelve years ago we joined a group of friends from college at what's become one of our favorite summer vacation spots, The Frio River.  For the past twelve years we've been making the trip with that same group of friends and it's morphed from a group of carefree college kids to a group of proud parents looking to make memories with their families.  We love this trip, our kids love this trip and we love the tradition … [Read more...]

Annual Frio River Trip 2011

When summer arrives I start to eagerly look forward to our annual Frio River trip.  We have been going to the Frio with good friends for 9 years and it's always a great time.There is something so relaxing about being disconnected from reality (no phone, TV, internet, work or daily distractions) and surrounded by good friends.  Although we may not see or talk to each other for a while we pick up right where we left off, as if it were just yesterday we were here.This vacation has slowly evolved as … [Read more...]

Floatin’ the Frio

We just got back from a mini vacay at the Frio River. We LOVE the Frio! We were so lucky to have started this tradition 8 years ago with good friends from college and what's even better is how it has continued to transform and grow with our ever changing lives (AKA kids)We decided to leave the twins behind this year and only take Aubrey (The whole crew is a bit overwhelming at times and we wanted to make sure we got an invite back for next year.) :) We had a blast spending some quality time … [Read more...]