Wooden Easter Eggs

I saw some wooden Easter eggs at Hobby Lobby and I liked the idea, but not the design so I decided to recreate the look at home with a few simple supplies.I sketched out some egg shapes on leftover wood from another project and had my awesome husband cut them out with the jigsaw.I picked out some pretty Spring paper and traced the shapes and then cut them out.  I used modge podge to attach it to the wood.  Finally, they needed a little decorative touch so I added some ribbon, flowers and a … [Read more...]

Spring Chick, Lamb & Bunny 2×4’s

Happy Spring!  Today is the first day of Spring and I had the urge to be crafty today...so I made some Spring 2x4 decorations to liven things up around here.Pin ItI was inspired by Craft Goodies 2x4 chick and rabbit, which you can find here.  I made my own version and I thought the bunny and chick needed a friend so I decided to make a fluffly lamb to keep them company.I started by cutting my 2x4's, I made 2-5" and 1-7".  Then I sketched out the bunnies ears and nose and had my hubby cut them … [Read more...]

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter weekend and it was nice to have both of our families here to celebrate. This year was so much fun because all of the kids were able to enjoy the holiday activities.We had a jam packed weekend with a trip to the Arboretum...We dyed Easter eggs...Opened Easter baskets...Went on an Easter Egg Hunt...Enjoyed yummy Easter candy...Acted Silly (could it be the sugar high?)and had lots of fun with family...Cracking confetti eggs(Yet another attempt to capture the elusive family … [Read more...]

Easter at the Arboretum

(Yet another attempt to get a good family picture)We love going to the Dallas Arboretum! We had family in town this weekend for Easter so we decided to take a trip down there on Saturday. We packed a picnic, loaded everybody up and headed down there to enjoy a beautiful afternoon basking in the sun and taking time to stop and smell the flowers.The kids love running around barefoot in the grass, splashing in the fountains and playing in the miniature houses. It's the perfect place to toss out a … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Easter Egg

Today we made some an easy, educational and yummy craft for Easter. I saw this idea at No Time For Flashcards and knew this would be a big hit with all 3 kiddos.We used this craft as an opportunity to practice counting, sorting and patterns. Little Miss A. had to count to 5, 10, 15 and 20 before she could eat some of the white marshmallows we used to make the outline of the egg.With glue I drew patterns inside the egg and she then had to sort her favorite colors on the straight lines and then … [Read more...]

Easter Candy Galore

After all the Easter egg hunts, Easter basket goodies and over zealous Grandma & Grandpa we had way more candy than any 2 year old should ever have. What to do with all that candy?Even with the candy rationing, I was tired of hearing "Can I crack an egg now?" from Aubrey who just wanted to relish her goodies. I decided I would let her splurge, but we were going to make it a learning lesson so at least I would feel better about giving in. So we gathered up some materials to sort our jelly … [Read more...]

Easter 2009

We had a lovely Easter full of fun times and lots of memories. I think the kiddos all looked adorable in their new Easter outfits, if only I could have gotten some good pics. Who would have thought it would have been so hard to find 3 outfits that all coordinated, Grandma Yardley and I looked everywhere and this is finally what we came up with. Notice the subtle hints of pink in Parker and Piper's outfits (it was a stretch I know.)Aubrey & the Twins opened their Easter baskets before we went … [Read more...]