Galactic Space Cupcakes

Did you know that 12 people have walked on the surface of the moon?  Me either, but recently my kids have been obsessed with checking out books and watching shows about space.  I've learned quite a bit about space this summer, including that there is even an annual holiday, Space Exploration Day on July 20th, that commemorates the anniversary of the first manned mission to the Moon.  If there is a holiday to be celebrated you can guarantee that I'll find a way to make it fun and … [Read more...]

DIY Faux Globe

I love collecting globes and have several of them displayed throughout my house. I've always loved the beautiful painted versions that I see floating around Pinterest, but I've never been able to bring myself to paint one of my globes.  After all every single one I've purchased I've loved it for it's unique character or color, I just can't imagine altering it to try out a current trend.  I found a way to satisfy my obsession with globes and get that custom painted look I admire with my own DIY … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day!

Today we celebrated Earth Day by getting outside to appreciate all the beauty around us and to enjoy the beautiful weather here in TX. We went for a walk and looked for bugs, flowers and birds. We even peeked in on the baby birds that live in our tree up by the front door, Aubrey was thrilled about this (not so sure the mama bird enjoyed her excitement).We also celebrated the earth by making "Dirt Cakes". Aubrey picked out the flowers, helped stir pudding and crush cookies for this yummy … [Read more...]