4th of July Mini Pie Bunting

While shopping for a party I found these These are incredibly easy to make, you just need a few supplies.  Gather some 4th of July patterned scrapbook paper, glitter, stamps, twine, glue, tape and craft sticks. Cut out your flag shapes. Stamp your stamp on an embossing pad and then sprinkle the glitter on the letter.  Shake off the excess glitter. Next attach your flags to the twine using a little bit of tape. Tie each end of the twine to the craft sticks. Stick your … [Read more...]

Red, White and Pie 4th of July Party

I originally shared this post on Pizzazzerie as a part of their 4th of July celebration. Today I'm sharing a little red, white and blue inspiration for your next 4th of July celebration.  When I think about July 4th I'm drawn to the idea of old fashioned celebrations, parades, sparklers and of course pie!  So I decided to create a Red, White and Pie 4th of July celebration. The inspiration for this party was of course the 4th of July red, white and blue, but I also wanted to capture … [Read more...]

Firecracker Favors

I love fireworks and wanted to incorporate them into our 4th of July BBQ, so I made firework favors.I recently discovered these cello bags from the G.T. Bag Company and love them.They are perfect for party favors.  I've been using jelly beans in the ones I have done so far.  I like the fact that they don't hold a ton of candy, just the right amount for little kids.  Plus you don't have to spend a fortune filling up jars of candy.I bought red, white and blue jelly beans and filled the bag with … [Read more...]

4th of July BBQ

Our city had their big 4th of July celebration this past weekend (weird I know, but they do it so they don't have to compete with everyone next weekend) and to celebrate we had a 4th of July BBQ with our family. I love 4th of July!  I love the fireworks, the red, white & blue, sparklers and BBQs, it's the perfect combination for a celebration!   I pulled out our party decorations from our 4th of July party last year and added a few new additions, like our 2x2 firecrackers, the 4th … [Read more...]


I just got my 4th of July decorations down from the attic and I've been busy working on plans for our 4th of July party.I remember seeing these 2x2 wooden firecrackers around blogland last year, but I never got around to making them. Then I saw Nap Time Crafts post with hers and decided I would go dig through my wood stash to make my own.  I didn't take step-by-step pics, but these are super simple to make.  I used 2x2 scraps of wood I had left over.  I cut them 7", 6" and 4.5".  I painted them … [Read more...]