DIY Burlap Snowman Pillow Cover

diy burlap pillow cover
Hello Giggles Galore readers!  It’s Shari from Sincerely Jean.  My sisters and I are so excited to join this amazing blog as contributors!  Today I am bringing you a tutorial on how to make a burlap snowman pillow cover.  This is a fun and easy project!  It can be used for any holiday but since Christmas is around the corner, I decided to make a snowman.  I love having it up on my couch for the holidays!  It is a great little addition to my holiday decor.

diy burlap pillow cover

Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • Burlap (This will depend on the size of your pillow.  I bought 1 yard regular brown, 1/4 yard white and 1/4 yard black.)
  • 9 Black buttons
  •  Orange felt
  •  1″ Velcro (This will depend on the height of your cover as discussed below.  I used 10 inches.)
  •  Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam paint brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape measure


1. Find the pillow that you would like to use.  We are going to measure for the width of your burlap first.  Place your tape measure in the center of the pillow and measure all the way around.  Take that measurement and add 2 inches (for the Velcro).  My pillow was 36 inches around so I cut my burlap to be 38 inches in width.  Now it is time to cut your burlap.  I have an awesome trick on how to cut your burlap correctly to make it even!  You can find that post HERE.

2. Now we are going to determine the height of your burlap.  This really depends on your personal preference.  I decided to leave 4 inches of the pillow showing on the top and bottom.  The height of my pillow was 18 inches so I made the height of my burlap 10 inches.  Now cut the burlap.  Again, you can use my awesome trick stated in step 1.

diy burlap pillow cover

3. Now it is time to make the snowman face from the white burlap.  I created a snowman face cutout PDF that you can find HERE.  I cut it out on black card stock and pinned it to the white burlap.  I then cut around the card stock and burlap with scissors.

diy burlap pillow cover

4. Time for the hat.  Pin the card stock to the black burlap and cut out the hat portion with scissors.  I like how the hat hangs over the top of my cover a little bit.

5. Since all your burlap is now cut, let’s make sure it doesn’t unravel!  Mod podge is a great way to secure the edges of burlap.  Use your foam brush to apply mod podge on the edges of all your burlap.  Apply the mod podge to the back of the burlap.  It will go on white but don’t worry because it drys clear.  Do this for your main cover, white snowman face and black hat.  Let it dry completely.

diy burlap pillow cover

6. Find the center of your burlap cover and hot glue your snowman face evenly.  Only apply the hot glue to the edges of the snowman where the mod podge already is.  This will keep it from seeping through the burlap.  Center the hat on top of the face and hot glue it.  Again, only apply the hot glue to the edges of the hat so that it won’t seep through.

diy burlap pillow cover

7. Again using the center of the burlap cover, hot glue 2 of the buttons on both sides of the center to make the eyes.  Now use the 7 small buttons for the smile.  Place bottom button directly on the center of the cover.  Then place 2 slightly above it on either side.  Then repeat for the last 4 buttons.

8. To make the nose, cut a triangle from the orange felt and round the edges.  Hot glue the nose in the center.

diy burlap pillow cover

9. Hot glue the velcro to the ends of your burlap cover so that they face each other and will attach.

diy burlap pillow cover

diy burlap pillow cover

You are done!  Wasn’t that an easy and fun project!  Check out our other fun crafts HERE!

diy burlap pillow cover

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  1. This is super cute! I love it!!! If I wasn’t already making crocheted snowman throw pillows I’d make some of these.

  2. I’m really so happy to see this! I have decided to go with a plaid and burlap Christmas decoration for the home, and have really wanted some pillows that fit that theme. Instead, all I have found is some extremely overpriced pillows in the store. This would be awesome! Thanks for the inspiration and detailed instructions!

  3. I’m stopping by from the Monday Funday Party and absolutely love your snowman pillow. Too cute! Thanks for sharing your crafty inspiration with us this week! XO

  4. This is the best idea EVER!!! I love that you can create them for all seasons and occasions. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Love this idea. Such an easy way to dress up pillows for any holiday.

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