Blank Canvas

Today we had a SUPER fun playdate with our favorite Cobbs boys.  It has been over 100 degrees for the past several weeks and anything outside is unbearable, unless it involves water.  We thought we would try something new and take a break from the pool (which might I add is not relaxing at ALL when you have 6 toddlers to keep track of) so we had a paint party.

I hung up an old white sheet in the backyard for our blank canvas.  I filled up spray bottles with tempera paint and added water to dilute it.  Easy peesy.  We gave each kid a spray bottle and let them go crazy.

I also pulled out our kids table and covered it in shaving cream for added texture and another “canvas.”   The kids had a blast…don’t you remember having shaving cream parties, so much fun!

Eventually everything was covered in paint or shaving cream.  Aubrey and Mason spent at least 45 minutes “washing” the car.  I love to see their creative minds at work!

 Of course we had a little pool for our cuties to stay cool.  And get clean.

Despite the scorching heat, everyone had a blast.  Art is such a powerful activity for young kids and it is amazing to see what they will do when given a blank canvas!

Our little Picasso’s
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  1. How fun!!! Those were some pretty big smiles you got from your sweet kiddos!!! LOVE the idea:)

  2. Oh, this looks amazingly fun!

  3. How fun! Great idea, Mariah. My kids would love that!

  4. Those kids mustve had a blast! Oh and good thing you had a pool there to clean them off, haha!

  5. GREAT outdoor activities!

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