Birthday Money Jar Gift Idea

Have you ever been at a loss for what to get that special someone for their birthday?  If you’ve ever been faced with this dilemma you’ll love this easy and thoughtful Birthday Money Jar Gift Idea.

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We recently celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday and after asking multiple times what he wanted for his birthday and getting the same reply “I don’t need anything but to spend the day with my family” I was at a serious loss about what to get him for his birthday.  He really doesn’t need anything and there is no sense in getting him a gift card because it’s likely he won’t use it.  I recently discovered an unused gift card on his desk that we gave him for Christmas last year.  I decided we’d give him money so he could spend it on what he wanted, but putting money in a card simply wouldn’t do for a milestone birthday, so the kids and I created this 60 Reasons We Love You Birthday Money Jar Gift!

This is a very simple gift to put together, but with just a few simple supplies you’ll have a thoughtful gift that your special someone can cherish long after the cash is gone!  Plus, this is a fun gift that the kids can help make.Reasons We Love You Rolled Up Money


  • Quart Size Mason Jar
  • Dollar Bills
  • Paper Strips with Sentimental Notes
  • Twine
  • Washi Tape
  • Gift Tag

Reasons We Love Your Money Gift Supplies

Since we were celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday I went to the bank and got 60 $1 bills.  Of course you can do this for any age, just get one dollar bills for whatever age you are celebrating.

Reasons We Love You Money Gift

I had the kids help me come up with 60 reasons why we love grandpa.  I typed them up and cut them into strips.

Reasons We Love You Notes

Next, we rolled up the dollar bills.

Reasons We Love You Money Rolled Up

Wrap one of the paper strips around the dollar bill.

Reasons We Love You Notes Rolled Up

Use twine to secure the sentimental notes around the dollar bills.  We also mixed things up and rolled some of the paper strips on the inside of the dollar and secured those with washi tape.

Money Gift Wrapping

Once you’ve rolled up all of your dollars place them in the Mason Jar and fill it up.

Money in Reasons We Love Your Jar

Now that your jar is full of money and sweet love notes it’s time to make a tag.  I used a circular tag and covered it with confetti washi tape and wrote “60 Reasons We Love You” in permanent marker.

Reasons We Love You Gift Tag

Tie the tag around the Mason Jar and give it to that special someone for an extraordinary and memorable birthday gift they will love!

Reasons We Love You Jar of Money Gift

Reasons We Love You Money Gift_Giggles Galore



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