Easter 2009

We had a lovely Easter full of fun times and lots of memories. I think the kiddos all looked adorable in their new Easter outfits, if only I could have gotten some good pics. Who would have thought it would have been so hard to find 3 outfits that all coordinated, Grandma Yardley and I looked everywhere and this is finally what we came up with. Notice the subtle hints of pink in Parker and Piper's outfits (it was a stretch I know.)Aubrey & the Twins opened their Easter baskets before we went … [Read more...]

Sink or Swim…

The other day we had beautiful weather and I decided to play outside with Aubrey. I had an activity in mind that I had wanted to do with her for a while and this was the perfect day to do it. For this particular activity we were going to play with water and make predictions about what would Sink and what would Float. I love it when we do something that captures her attention and gets her so excited about the process of learning new things. We played this game for a solid hour and she found … [Read more...]

3 Little Monkeys…

Jumping in the Bed, 1 fell out and bumped his head. Well that isn't exactly what happened, but almost. One afternoon I went in to get the twins up from their nap and found Parker scaling his bumpers, hanging on to the side and leaning over to see what lie on the other side. When Justin got home that afternoon, the crib got moved down.Aubrey loves to go with me to get the twins up from their naps, she loves to climb on the crib and talk to them. They get so excited to see her and start … [Read more...]

Hello, Spring

Today is the 1st day of Spring and we have embraced the warmer weather, the trees and flowers blooming and the birds singing. This week we have incorporated several activities and outings to celebrate Spring.On Tuesday we went to the Dallas Arboretum to bask in the sunshine and smell the flowers. The tulips were beautiful and we enjoyed our view of White Rock Lake while we ate our picnic lunch. Aubrey had a blast running up and down the hill dancing and singing, while Parker and Piper lounged … [Read more...]

Day of Discovery

Today was all about "discovery." Aubrey had the pleasure of going on a date with mommy and we both enjoyed spending some quality time together. Aubrey's friend Mason and his mommy joined us as we headed off to the Dallas Children's Museum. With the goal of serving the unique needs of children from infancy to seven years old, MNS has created a space to stimulate a child’s curiosity through a variety of hands-on, sensory experiences that foster a thirst for discovery and knowledge.Aubrey loved … [Read more...]

Premier of the Princess and the Peas

I've done it, I have finally started a blog. Everyone I know has one (including my mom) and I decided it would be a great tool for me to show off my precious crew and showcase all the fun and creative things that inspire lots of giggles in the Leeson household.We are truly blessed and have 3 beautiful, whimsical and amazing children. Aubrey is now 2 and loves to read, sing, play dress up, going to the park and doing anything that involves spending time with her Papa. She is a great big sister … [Read more...]