Lions, Tigers & Bears…Oh My!

This morning we woke up and the sun was shinning (it has been raining a lot here lately) and Daddy suggested we do something fun today as a family. We decided to take a trip down to the Dallas Zoo.We got everyone dressed, packed the million things that you have to take when you plan an outing with 3 little ones, loaded everyone in the car and headed out. Aubrey was so excited about seeing the animals and even more thrilled when we stopped to get donuts for breakfast.We had a great time and … [Read more...]

MTM – Children’s Literature

Today is Muffin Tin Monday! I LOVED today's theme, Children's Literature. We had lots of fun with our muffin tin today and enjoyed making a craft to go with it.Our book selection for today's theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Here is what the very hungry Aubrey had for lunch today...Side: Banana CaterpillarFirst Row: Apple, Pear, StrawberriesSecond Row: Oranges, Cheese & Sausage, Chocolate Cake & Pretzel ButterflyHere is a close up of our Hungry Caterpillar.Our craft project for today … [Read more...]

5 Things I Love About Being a Mom

Today was Mother's Day and I was fortunate to be showered with love from my beautiful family. I am so very blessed to have 3 beautiful children, an amazing husband and a supportive extended family who all help me as I travel down this path of motherhood. I decided today would be a great day to reflect on why I love being a mom.1. Being Inspired . I may not be following the path I had dreamed up for myself, but I take great pride in my current accomplishment of bringing 3 wonderful children … [Read more...]

Tea Time

"If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden" - Claudia GhandiIn honor of Mother's Day I threw a Mother-Daughter tea to celebrate the beautiful women in my life, my mother, sister and daughters. We had a lovely afternoon, I only wish all of the wonderful women who are part of our lives could have been here to share this moment.Here is a quick snapshot of our tea party...InvitationsThis is the outside of the invitation given to guestand the inside … [Read more...]

Not What I Expected…

So this week has not gone quite like I planned, but then again do they ever? As you may have read in my post from Monday we started a pinata to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Tuesday. It was supposed to dry overnight and then we would finish it Tues morning, as you can see this did not happen.I took the twins to the Dr. Tues. morning and after a catheter, 4 tubes of blood drawn, and double ear infections nobody was in the mood to come home and finish our craft. I thought we would do it after … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday Fiesta

Today is MTM and since there was no theme I decided ours would be a Fiesta theme to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Here is what we had for lunch today...Front Row: Cheese Quesadillas, Guacamole, RiceBack Row: Cantaloupe "Maracas", Chips, "Sombrero" CookieBefore our yummy lunch we made Maracas to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Here is how we did it.1. Gather your supplies - 2 plastic cups, beans, foil, paper scraps, flower punch/stickers, scissors tape, and glue.2. Pour the beans into 1 … [Read more...]

Ocean Commotion

This is our project from Friday (I took a nap Friday instead of getting on the computer so I am a little bit behind). We wrapped up our Ocean themed week by creating our very own ocean, here's how...1. Gather all your supplies - White cardstock, colored construction paper, blue paint, cling wrap, paper muffin liner, tissue paper, fish templates (or you can make your own), crayons, scissors, and glue.2. Aubrey colored her fish while I got everything else ready. Take your white card stock and … [Read more...]

Little Mermaid

Today our craft was inspired by Amanda at Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie. I saw this on her blog on Monday and couldn't wait to try it out with Aubrey. It fits in perfect with our Ocean them this week and Aubrey loves the movie "The Little Mermaid".1. We gathered our materials : Mermaid template from here, scraps of tissue paper, embellishments, hair (leftover Easter egg grass), glue, scissors, flower punch and blue background paper.2. Next we punched out flowers for her top and glued them … [Read more...]

Ollie the Octopus

Aubrey really enjoyed the octopus we had for lunch yesterday so I decided to make that today's craft project.First we gathered our supplies, construction paper, an octopus template from teacher book, watercolors, scissors and glue. (sorry didn't take a picture of this)Then Aubrey painted the Octopus while we talked about where they live, how many arms they have and what they eat.Next while the paint was drying we curled the arms for the Octopus. I gave her a pencil to wrap the construction … [Read more...]

Under the Sea

I saw this great blog a while back that featured Muffin Tin Monday and loved the idea. I have done several "muffin tin" meals with Aubrey, but today's was the first I documented. We didn't have anything to eat for lunch today so I had to make a trip to the grocery store with all three kiddos (in the pouring rain) to get something to eat and decided that we would play along with today's muffin tin theme. Here is our version of MTM - Under the Sea...Back Row: "Fishing Rod & Bait" (pretzel rods … [Read more...]