18 Amazing DIY Halloween Costumes

For Halloween this year, don’t go out and spend a lot of money on a costume that the kids will most likely only wear once. If you have never made your own costume, you’re in for a treat.  Some of these amazing DIY Halloween costumes are so easy to recreate! And you can add your own touches to them to make the perfect costume for your kiddos. With so many amazing DIY costumes out there I thought I would gather some of our favorites to help inspire you to make your own for an extraordinary Halloween!18 DIY Halloween Costumes Pinterest

I made this for my daughter because of her love of bubble baths.  This is one of my favorites I have made for her!
DIY Bubble Bath Halloween Costume

DIY Bubble Bath Costume

Everyone wants to be a rock star!  This rock star costume is so inexpensive and fun to put together!Party like a Rock Star Halloween Costume

DIY Rock Star Halloween Costume

Does your little guy love robots and everything shiny?  This is just the coolest!DIY Coolest Robot Halloween Costume

Coolest Robot Costume

I Love Lucy is the coolest retro chick on TV and one of my favorite characters- how darling is this!DIY I Love Lucy Halloween Costume

DIY I Love Lucy Costume

You can’t get anymore unique than your own head in a jar!

DIY Jar Head Halloween Costume

DIY Jar Head Costume

Who can resist a lemonade stand?  Just look how darling these DIY costumes are!  The best thing is that they aren’t heavy at all!

DIY Lemonade and Ice Cream Stand Halloween Costumes

DIY Lemonade and Ice Cream Stand Costumes

Make me a Mummy! You can go so many routes with your own Mummy costumes!

DIY Mummy Halloween Costumes

DIY Mummy Costume

If your girl is still singing “Let it Go” or “Frozen Heart”- and insists on being Elsa…  This is a great NO SEW costume!

DIY No Sew Elsa Halloween Costume

DIY No Sew Elsa Costume

Remember those photobooths where you and your bestie would take pictures and take home a strip of photos? This is fabulous!
DIY Photobooth Strip Halloween Costume

DIY Photobooth Strip Costume

Sometimes being something as simple as a black cat can be the cutest costume.  This one is so adorable.DIY Black Cat Halloween Costume

DIY Black Cat Costume

If you or your kids have a love of yarn and crocheting, why not go as a skein of yarn?  So fun!Skein of Yarn Halloween Costume

DIY Skein of Yarn Costume

Who wouldn’t want to glow in the dark?  I love this idea! And it can be put together at the last minute too.Fast DIY Stick Figure Halloween Costume

Last Minute Costume: Stick Figure

Isn’t this little Scarecrow the cutest one you have ever seen?
Easy No Sew Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Easy No Sew Scarecrow Costume

The little chameleon from Tangled is a great costume idea.  Check out how to make Pascal!DIY Tangled Pascal ChameleonHalloween Costume

DIY Chameleon Pascal

Or you could be something as unique as a snail!  I am pretty sure nobody will pour salt on something as cute as this!DIY Snail Halloween Costume

DIY Snail Costume

This shark costume really is a simple costume to make. If your little one loves sharks- make this one!DIY Simple Shark Halloween Costume

Simple Shark Costume

This is for all the Star Wars fans, make your very own R2D2!  I think this would be fun to make.DIY R2D2 Star Wars Halloween Costume

Star Wars R2D2 Costume

My favorite kind of birds are owls.  Especially this sweet little pink one!
DIY Pink Owl Halloween Costume

DIY Pink Owl Costume

I hope some of these DIY Halloween costumes inspire your creativity so that you and your little ones can spend time together creating extraordinary memories!  Which DIY costume is your favorite?

Mariah Leeson is the creative mind behind www.gigglesgalore.net. With a passion for celebrating, Mariah created Giggles Galore to inspire families to celebrate life’s little moments with creative, budget friendly ideas. She loves cooking, reading, crafting, hosting parties and most of all spending time giggling with her family.

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