12 Days of Christmas Service {Day 8} Eight Maids A Milking

“On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Eight Maids A Milking …but those poor maids were exhausted after all that milking so we delivered some hot cocoa instead.

Day 8 maids milking giggles galore

I thought the eight packets of hot cocoa needed a little extra pizzazz so I decided to add some milk bottles to today’s gift.  I covered a Starbucks Frappuccino box with red and white polka dot wrapping paper and put  the goodies inside.
Day 8 maids milking
Day 8
Our eight misses milking must have found a brown cow
For cocoa’s the present you’ve opened just now.
With ‘mallows or whipped cream, it’s gonnabe wow.
So put on the kettle, and put it on now!
Day 8
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  1. Nell Magnera says:

    I absolutely love some of your gifts and sayings. I hope it is okay with you if I borrow a couple for a very special package I’m putting together for a friend. Please tell me if it is okay. Thank you.


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