A Soccer Star and sugru

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.

Do you have a pile of worn out shoes or broken toys laying around your house?  If you have kids under the age of 15 chances are you answered yes, and today I want to tell you about how you can breath new life into those worn out shoes or toys with sugru.

How to Extend the Life of Soccer Shoes

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Here’s a little tale of A Soccer Star and sugru.

Our twins have patiently been waiting until they turned 5, particularly our daughter.  She would mark off the days on the calendar, she would ask repeatedly how much longer and she could hardly contain herself as their birthday drew closer.  Why?  Not because the birthday party and it had nothing to do with the presents. Nope, it was all about soccer.  This girl has been dying to play soccer.

Soccer Star

The rule in our family is our children aren’t allowed to start sports until they are 5 and sometimes being younger and watching your older sister get to do something you can’t is very hard.  Her turn finally came and this spring when soccer season started we had one happy little girl.  She loves practicing, counts down until game day and you can usually find her kicking the ball in the backyard.  She is passionate and determined…she is our little soccer star!

Her soccer shoes…well those are a whole other story.  They are hand-me-downs, worn and starting to fall apart.  Definitely not fit for a soccer star.  When I heard about this product sugru and how it could easily give a longer lease of life to children’s things like shoes I was intrigued. We’ve tried gluing them to make them last through the 4 games left in the season (because you know if I buy new shoes now they won’t fit next season) but it didn’t hold with all running this girl does.

Sad Soccer Shoe

So I decided to give sugru, the self-setting rubber, a try.  I liked the idea of being able to save time and money, let’s be real I don’t have time to run around town dragging three kids with me trying to find the right size shoes only for them to last for 2 months before another growth spurt hits.  I’ll admit I was skeptical, but this stuff is amazing.  It’s as easy as opening the package, rolling the adhesive in your hands, applying and leaving it to set overnight.

Using sugru

Fix it with sugru

Fix Soccer Shoes with sugru

sugru Soccer Shoes

Now our budding soccer star can get back to scoring goals and doing what she loves.

Soccer Star Score

And what I really like is sugru believes it’s not about “making do” it’s more than that.  It’s about repairing, modifying and evolving the products we already own so that they work better for us.  Genuis, don’t you agree?!  It’s economical and sustainable, but most of all it just makes sense. And I think everyone could use a little more of that, which is why one lucky reader will receive a ‘sugru crafty bundle’ which includes the following items (value $48 USD):

  • 1 pack of sugru 8 x 5g in multi color
  • 1 pack of sugru 3 x 5 g in white
  • 1 magnet kit

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What would you fix with sugru?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.

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  1. genius product! love it

  2. I LOVE this product.. there are so many uses for it. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  3. I would love to use it to fix my charging cables! They are always breaking!

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